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New Trailer Released For Fernando Meirelles' Epic Globetrotting Drama '360'

A new trailer for 360 has been released.  The dramatic thriller that weaves together a number of characters that unknowingly have intersecting lives is a product of City of God director Fernando Meirelles.

Inspired by Arthur Schnitzler’s classic “La Ronde”, 360 combines the lives of several characters from different cities and countries into a suspenseful, provocative and modern globetrotting love story. The narrative weaves through Vienna, then Paris, London, Bratislava, Rio, Denver and Phoenix, culminating into a single captivating narrative.

The film features a top notch cast of Anthony Hopkins, Jude Law, Ben Foster, and Rachell Weisz.  This should boost the chances that 360 will not be as disappointing as Meirelles’ Blindness,  even though the plot has been done before, most notably in Traffic and Crash.

Screenwriter Peter Morgan (Frost / Nixon, The Last King of Scotland) penned the script for 360, which opens on August 3rd.

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