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Rush Limbaugh Blasts President Obama’s ‘Celebrity’ Status

Recent released ads for President Obama featuring actress Sara Jessica Paker and Vogue Magazine editor Anna Wintour sparked conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh to attack President Obama as out of touch with real Americans.

It is a sign of “how distant they have become” from average voters and how Obama himself is becoming “Barack Hussein Kardashian,” Limbaugh quipped. “Here’s a man of the people,” Limbaugh said of Obama. “Here’s a man that’s talking every day to the unemployed, underemployed claiming that that’s who he cares about.”

The ad featuring Parker aired Monday on MTV during the Music Video Awards. A follow up web ad released by the Obama campaign features Wintour asking Obama supporters to register for the opportunity to have dinner with President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama at Parker’s home.

“This whole thing is a fraud,” Limbaugh added. “Anna Wintour doesn’t want to meet these people. She’s not interested in what they have to think. Neither is Obama or Michelle or Sarah Jessica.”

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8 thoughts on “Rush Limbaugh Blasts President Obama’s ‘Celebrity’ Status

  1. Leo Sullivan says:

    obama s all about putting america in so much debt with his proven worthless idea s vote obama out he s not for the black man he s all about change = change america into a third world country.soon it will take a trunk load of dollars to buy a loaf of bread…

  2. Patricia Ham says:

    thats bs Leo we were allready in debt before he got in.

  3. Leon Priddy says:

    leo knows this but don't wanta say it

  4. Leon Priddy says:

    leo your man mnittins showed his true colors huh any one who draws a check from the goverment is worthless all you are to him is someone topayu taxes so he won't have to i am retired sarah is sick what with all the heart attacks i don't feel we are worthless the law says we can do this or untill mittins get in yeah i hear this gop mansay last night when we get in all the checks will be gone but oh he forgot i still have a guni

  5. Leo Sullivan says:

    well we were 2.5 trillion before obama but can u tell me what he s done for u

  6. Leo Sullivan says:

    obama what have you done for me nothing with all your change and hope now u want to go forward vote ur obama in and when u lose ur check s and ur job be happy /how and why would i vote for some one that wants us to forget our god for his muslims faith and his queer buddies like leon and all your loving gays an illegals not saying just the mexicans there are other illegals here go check out ur mom an pop stores who s there right illegals another thing i dont like some of mitts idea s but i didnt vote for ur obama and i wont vote for him now thank you for ur comment if u dont like mine grow up..

  7. Leo Sullivan says:

    well were we 16 trillion when he got in i didnt think so so how did he spend 10trillion in 4 years are u going to pay it back no our kids an grand kids are right so vote ur way i vote my way

  8. Leo Sullivan says:


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