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Khloe Kardashian And Lamar Odom Headed For Divorce?

Khloe Kardashian’s pregnancy trouble and Lamar Odom’s career pitfalls are reportedly taking a toll on the couple who are now considering taking time apart.

Khloe has publicly spoken of her issues to get pregnant but in addition to that the couple had to deal with Lamar getting traded from the LA Lakers and then being dropped by the Mavericks – and did we forget to mention to the everyday task of maintaining a relationship within the Kardashian clan?! Like Kris Jenner insisting her daughter take a DNA test to confirm her late father Robert Kardashian is her biological dad.

“Khloe is happy for the time [away from Lamar]. Since he said he was jealous that her sister Kourtney was pregnant with baby number two, she has been putting so much pressure on herself to conceive that she’s happy to have some time off to not think about it.”

According to OK! Magazine, the couple is struggling and is spending time apart while friends are fearful that the distance between them will further weaken their union and prompt a divorce.

“The time apart is turning out to be the best thing for them because they both need space,” a source tells OK!. “They love each other, but they both need a break.”

This comes weeks after the duo halted production on their reality show “Khloe And Lamar.”

We hope the couple gets through their rough patch.




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