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Jennifer Hudson And David Otunga Keep Wedding Date Secret

Jennifer Hudson and fiancé David Otunga is all kinds of excited for their wedding and planning for it now that the court hearings in the murders of the former American Idol’s family are over.

“That was something that was hanging over our heads for so long, and now we feel like we can finally breathe a sigh of relief,” Otunga, 32, tells PEOPLE. “Everything is good now.”

The soon-to-be-married couple is focusing on the positive. The duo started the Julian D. King Gift Foundation to donate Christmas toys and school supplies for underprivileged children in honor of Jennifer’s slain family members, namely nephew Julian.

Undoubtedly, the tragedy brought the singer and wrestler (and lawyer) closer.

“I’m blessed to have such a wonderful woman in my life who cares for our child so lovingly,” the Harvard Law graduate said. “It’s made me love her just that much more.”

To which the Academy Award winner added, “I care for my child like my mommy cared for me.”

While the couple won’t disclose the wedding date, their son’s role in the wedding, or the location, Otunga is adamant that his bride-to-be won’t have any competition from him on their special day.

“My attire won’t be quite the show that hers is.”

Glad they can finally breathe now! Congrats to them!



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