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‘Maserati’ Rapper Young Dro Has His Maserati Repo’d

Less than six months after releasing a video for his song “Maserati,” Atlanta-born rapper Young Dro is himself a Maserati-man no more. His car, the star of the video, has been repossessed, according to TMZ.

Dro leased a 2007 Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT in January 2008. In a lawsuit filed against the rapper, the company states that the “Shoulder Lean” rapper paid $7,500 up front and would pay monthly payments of $1,606.62 to pay for the $134,000 car.

However, Young Dro has since defaulted on the lease, leading to the car being repossessed. Seems like the years since Shoulder Lean hit number one on the rap and R&B charts haven’t been too kind. The leasing company claims Dro owes $61,220.37 and is suing for that amount, plus legal fees.

Young Dro has yet to comment.

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