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Missing Jewels? Gucci Mane Hit With $275,000 Fine, Could Lose House

Gucci Mane’s failure to appear in court over missing jewelry will cost the rapper nearly $275,000. The Atlanta-based performer borrowed a diamond pinky ring, necklace and bracelet, and refused to return the items to a Henry County jeweler. The jeweler filed a lawsuit against the rapper, forcing Gucci Mane to now pay for the borrowed bling.

Gucci Mane, whose real name is Radric Davis, borrowed a $130,000 ring, and a necklace and bracelet worth $110,000. Davis made an agreement with A&A Diamonds that he would either pay for the jewelry or return the three-piece set within fifteen days. After the fifteen-day deadline, Gucci Mane didn’t hand over the rocks to A&A Diamonds, but he gave the store $40,000 for the merchandise.

A&A Diamonds filed a lawsuit against the Southern artist and, after the rapper didn’t show up in court, a default judgment was issued. Gucci Mane must now pay a total of $274,523.24.

Gucci Mane’s fees include the cost of the flashy jewelry, interest and the plaintiff’s legal fees. A lien has also been placed on the rapper’s property.

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