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Gross! Brian McKnight Returns With Another Explicit Song

Brian McKnight – Could Brian McKnight have fallen any further from grace?! The once highly regarded R&B singer dropped a his first nasty song last month called ‘If You’re Ready To Learn.’ As if singing about teaching a woman how to use her precious private wasn’t enough,(see sample lyrics: “Let me show you how your p**sy works. Since you didn’t bring it to me first.”) Brian decided to go for gold with another song.

It is some consolation that the ’90’s crooner who otherwise disappeared from the scene sold thousands of copies of the unintended hit thanks to mega porn site, YouPorn. The video site decided to contact Brian and request another hit to feature on their site.

Sample lyrics for the theme song, “You wanna see some f**king anal, I can get you close enough to smell.”

If you dare, take a listen below.

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