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Chaka Khan Reveals Extreme Diet Lead To Weight Loss

Chaka Khan Weight Loss – Chaka Khan’s fab new figure that she proudly showcased on American Idol’s finale in a skintight, skin tone sequin catsuit have inquiring minds wanting to know just how the legendary funk singer lost the weight.

Well, the “Tell Me Something Good” singer is being transparent about the transformation which melted pounds off—rather quickly.

“I started out fasting … for four months. I did nothing but liquids; me and my VitaMix were best friends.

“In the morning I’d have a high protein smoothie and in the afternoon I’d have a vegetable smoothie and in the evening I’d have another protein smoothie.”

Though liquid and high-protein diets are nothing new, we’ve witnessed similar weight transformations from singer-performer Beyonce most notably, but the diet has had its fair share of criticism due to potential long-term effects and possibly regaining the weight and some extra pounds.

What do you think of Chaka’s weight loss method?


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