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Jude Law Sought to Play Douglas Fairbanks In Mary Pickford Biopic

Jude Law is being courted to star in the upcoming Mary Picgford biopic. Law will play Douglas Fairbanks, one of Pickford’s three husbands who matched her fame and success. Pigford was one of the first female movie stars to become a certified mogul.

Pickford teamed up with Fairbanks to start a studio named “United Artists”. ¬†It was a company designed¬†to put the power of film distribution and production into the hands of the actors and directors who created them. Pickford was also famous for her volatile personal life. She would start her relationship with Fairbanks while she was already married and then end it when Fairbanks began having an affair with someone else.

Newcomer Lily Rabe is already locked in to star as what many Hollywood insiders consider the woman who started Hollywood.

Josh Fagin is writing the script and producers Jennifer DeLia and Julie Pacino are looking to get director Jonathan Demme – who also directed the classic film Silence of the Lambs, to head the project.

Shooting is scheduled to begin in early 2013.




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