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'Jane Got A Gun' Loses Lynne Ramsay AND Jude Law

It seems as though the new Natalie Portman western, Jane Got A Gun might just be jinxed.

Ramsay not only stood up Jude Law and Natalie Portman, but a crew of 150 people as well.

It all started yesterday when director Lynne Ramsay decided not to show up at work. Rather than cite creative differences or even bother to tell the crew, it seems as though she figured her absence would explain it all. Natalie Portman and her fellow producers scrambled to replace Ramsay and were able to land Gavin O’Connor in less than 24 hours. O’Connor’s credits include Warrior, Tumbleweeds, and Miracle. Lucky for the cast and crew, O’Connor is able to start Thursday and production can resume as normal, right? Wrong.

Last week we told you Michael Fassbender left Jane Got A Gun, which led to some major casting shakeups. Well Jude Law decided to follow Fassbender and Ramsey’s lead and leave. Per Deadline, Jude Law and Lynne Ramsay were a package deal. Apparently, Law didn’t want to continue working on the movie without her directing. Sorry O’Connor, you’re good, but evidently not good enough for Jude Law.

I have to admit I’m bummed we won’t see a villainous Jude Law working chaps, a Stetson, and a cowboy drawl, but I am intrigued to see who will step in and fill his boots. Ya’ll tune back in real soon for the latest on Jane Got A Gun, ya hear?

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