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Evelyn Lozada Shares Vacation Photos Ahead Of Basketball Wives Finale

Basketball Wives – Evelyn Lozada is gearing up for season 4 finale of Basketball Wives with a vacation with her fiance Chad Ochocinco. Evelyn and Chad spent their memorial weekend in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and decided to share a few photos on her blog – see some below.

The vacation likely helped Ev relax from the intense criticism of her behavior, the Basketball Wives petition and boycott of her upcoming show ‘Ev & Ocho’.

On tonight’s finale viewers will see Ev’s attempt to get closure with her former bestie Jennifer Williams as their trip to Tahiti comes to an end.

The two part reunion will then air June 4th and June 11th at 8pm.

Basketball Wives season finale sneak peak:

Evelyn’s behind the scenes of Vibe photo shoot:

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