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Research Finds Public Sex Can Add Adventure To Boring Love Life

Have you had sex in public? A lot of Americans have. And you won’t believe where it’s happening…

Even if you have yet to do it in a public place, you’ve probably thought about it. Go ahead, admit it. There’s no shame in trying to spice up your sex life with the threat of getting caught. There’s a primal urge in all of us to do something that’s both scary and mildly exciting. And the thought of being caught with your pants down is definitely a bit of both.

During a recent survey of 1,000 Americans age 18 and up, sex toy company Adam & Eve found that 52% of adults admit to having had sex in public.

The top three locations for getting it on in public are parked cars, with 80%, the woods with 55%, and a park with 44%. Also on the list are spots one would think would be more popular, like public bathrooms 22%, airplanes 7%, and a church, with 5%.

Adam & Eve’s “resident sex expert,” Dr. Kat Van Kirk, finds these numbers to be a great sign and proof that “Sex in public can add a sense of adventure to routine lovemaking habits.”


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