Tameka Raymond Insists Usher Is Manipulating The Media

Usher & Tameka Court Battle – Tameka Raymond took to Twitter to explain away some negativity that has been hurled her way since she and ex-husband superstar Usher has been entangled in ugly court proceedings all week involving their sons Usher V and Naviyd.

One picture in particular, the now heavily-circulated one that depicts a despondent looking Usher as Tameka is seen fiddling with something in hand looking unfazed complete with a I-got-this-in-the-bag smirk, had her livid.

That pic was the final straw and the former Mrs. Raymond thought the time was now to comment.

On how the pic came about: “I hope u know that was during a break & him sneaking a text on his cell. Different day from the ‘sad’ day. Its mischaracterized. the ‘machine’ is real…He’s playing a mass media game, hence TV appearances that lead to favorable coverage. It complete bulls**t. #Slant,” she tweeted.

On Usher manipulating the media: “he’s trying garner sympathy. Hmm how did he get that pic the same day to post it???? That was posted during court!”

“I don’t think they’re seeing it, because most are blinded by his bright star. He’s posting pap pics on his Facebook! Sincere?”

On the media working in Usher’s favor: “Media is an amazing machine.. so easily bought by politics, money & popularity. Truth is rarely sought.. they show one sided accounts 2 sway…I pray that the truth finally gets out. I didnt start this battle, I filed in response. Research, pls use ur brain & not the obvious show…Signing off for a minute…the lies are annoying me & yall know I dont hold my tongue much. Im as transparent as they come & I despise lies.”

Does Tameka’s explanation sway your opinion of her? Watch Usher get grilled by Tameka’s attorney below:

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