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Ray J Remains Hospitalized For Exhaustion After Billboard Awards

Ray-J has been hospitalized for “exhaustion and jet lag” according to a statement released from his reps. Ray-J attended the Billboard Music Awards with his sister Brandy but his night wasn’t over before an unfortunate incident with Patricia Houston – Whitney Houston’s sister-in-law. It was initially reported that Pat attempted to have Ray removed from his seat – she later denied it. According to TMZ, the R&B singer and reality TV star was reportedly found in his room the next day “extremely disoriented” and was taken to the hospital.

“Ray J has been in a Las Vegas area hospital since the early morning of Monday and will remain there for treatment for exhaustion and jet lag,” the statement reads. “Ray J had just returned to the US from a quick 32-hour round trip from China where he performed a concert and had meetings regarding a new business. Upon landing, he immediately drove four hours to Las Vegas for the two events.”

Many are already speculating drugs were involved however that remains to be speculation. Ray J remains hospitalized.

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