Chrissy Teigen Stands By Chris Brown Lip-Synching Criticism

UPDATE-John Legend’s fiance, model Chrissy Teigen is standing up for herself as Chris Brown’s loyal fans unleashed their wrath upon her. The Sports Illustrated model were among spectators, including Pink, who slammed Chris Brown for lip-synching during his Billboard Music Awards performance on Sunday night.

“Live singing is a helluva thing,” tweeted Chrissy before adding, “Why sing when you can dance?”

After receiving a slew of tweets Chrissy responded by including a snippet of the attacks,

‘I’ve had comments ranging from “kill yourself you stupid HO” to “gold digging cunt” “get a f-cking job”, etc. because I don’t like him?…seriously. this isn’t your f-cking job. You guys are too young for this sh-t. too f-cking young. stop being psychotic. be strong women. listen to opinions without spewing pure maliciousness…John [Legend] has gotten numerous comments about him needed to “leash” me or “control” me. FROM WOMEN. please stop this. What are you even doing this for? some good music and dancing? good god. DO BETTER.

The attacks didn’t end there which Chrissy to again respond,

“You guys are too young for this s—. Too f—— young. How you can even form these sentences at someone you don’t know makes me so sad. Don’t throw around the term h-, c—, s—. You’re women. WE ARE WOMEN. and don’t ever think a man can f—— control you. Seriously. this isn’t your f—— job. Stop being psychotic.”

UPDATE: Chris has remained on the sideline for this drama but he did manage to tweet,

“Don’t hold ya breath waiting for me to stop doing me! Anyone who is upset obviously is upset with their lives… Make your music…make a difference.. Be better than me! Godbless!”

Chrissy certainly has a right to her opinion – did Chris Brown’s fans go too far?

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