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Nicki Minaj Picks Nas Over Chris Brown In New Video

Nicki Minaj is a female rapper known for her crazy antics and unusual music videos. This time she tones it down a bit to create a superficial love story between her and Nas. The new music video for “Right By My Side” features Chris Brown singing but tapes Nas as the leading man in pursuit of Nicki’s heart.

The animated rapper flaunts long blonde locks for the new music video as Nas flaunts his money to impress the lovely Miss Minaj. Nas takes the “Superbass” singer by her hand and leads her outside to impress her with a ravishing new sports car. The curvaceous rapper hugs Nas excitedly, assuring that his plans of wooing her seem to be working. As the love story continues to unfold the couple is even seen shopping, having lunch, and kissing throughout the video.

Chris Brown makes an appearance in the video as well, although he isn’t the man lucky enough to lock lips with the self proclaimed Barbie. More than likely this is because of the friendship between Nicki Minaj and Rihanna who have come together several times in the past to create hits such as “Fly” and “Raining Men”. He beautifully croons the lyrics as if he were singing them in his own attempt to sweep Nicki off her feet. “I wanna hold your hand/ Making love again, I need to be near you/ Gotta let you know how I’m feeling,” Chris Brown sings away as he stands on what appears to be the edge of an infinity pool overlooking lush green scenery. He ends his verse by confessing, “I’m pouring out my heart girl.” The R&B bad boy even has a scene dancing with Nicki Minaj where the two get very “touchy feely” with one another as Brown flashes a smile at the camera.

After the chorus plays again Nicki Minaj breaks up the slow melody with an explicit rap verse threatening any other women who have their eyes on her man. Nobody expected the vulgar lyrics to come in such a slow, sweet love song, but then again what do you expect from the “Roman’s Revenge” rapper?

At the end of the video comes what was probably Nas’s favorite scene of the entire video. The couple is seen sitting on a bench as the two begin their intimate make out session, tongue and all. As the camera pans out, however, Nicki looks at the camera and creates a wincing face. Many spectators of the music video see it as Nicki’s way of showing she disapproved of the kiss, but her army of “barbies” recognize the face as one of Nicki’s trademarks. Kiss or not, the crazy facial expression is guaranteed to come up at one point or another in almost all of her music videos.

However, the loving kissing scene did catch everyone’s attention. The passionate kiss was certainly real. There was no turning of the heads to block the kiss from the cameras so viewers were able to see the two suck on each other’s lips for quite some time. One user on Twitter couldn’t help but speculate as they Tweeted the rap star saying, “Y’all must’ve practiced that kiss more than once [because] that was perfection.” Always one to show her fans attention Nicki took the time to personally reply to the tweet as she responded, “Ummm. Yes. Yes we did.”

“Right by my Side” is the second single to be released off of her new album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. The song so far is yet to top the Billboard Charts, but it has hit an impressive number twelve on the Billboard Hot 100 list. Only time will tell what Nicki Minaj has up her sleeve for her next music video, but audiences are warned to expect another round of explicit lyrics from the currently blonde bombshell.

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