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Fashion Don'ts: Five Over-Extended Trends That Need To End Now

There are some fashion trends that catch on like wildfire. The popularity of an item gets duplicated all the way to the nearest beauty supply store and literally everybody and their momma is wearing the latest. That’s one bonafide way to know to let it go. Either comfort or level of cuteness we feel we impart when we wear a particular trend blinds us from letting it take its natural course—and die out. A good factor about trends? There are 15 ushered in every few months—move on. Style is about making the latest trend work best for your age, body type, and wearing the added novelty at the right time and place. This is where the real issue comes in: the trend becomes a staple, not secondary—huge faux pas!

Here are my five over-used trends that I wish somebody would take to a bonfire—like now:

Basketball Wives earrings: While I know the basketball wives weren’t the first ladies to rock gammoth-sized earrings, the reality stars somehow made it a must-have item for everyone with lobes. Honestly, I think some are fierce, but every outfit or a grocery run should not include the outrageous baubles.

Belts: I know belts aren’t going anywhere, but at least update the belt. Belts are a fast way to make an outfit look dated if it’s not chic. And if you are using a belt for cinching your waist only—don’t. A belt only brings more attention to an out-of-whack midsection.

Pajamas: This is a style I loathe and I am all for each being their own, but just don’t wear pajamas or pajama-inspired clothing. No one ever does it dressy, always sloppy and inappropriate—always!

Tights As Pants: Not to be confused with skinny pants, tights shouldn’t replace pants. I know there are some pretty cool tights out now, but make sure your rump is covered. Tights should be accompanied with a skirt, a long shirt, a dress…something else besides your bare bottom.

Sheer clothing: I just don’t understand sheer clothing without proper undergarment. Besides bad taste, no one wants to see your goods. Sheer clothing can be sexy, but real sexiness is keeping the imagination elevated—layer up!

I’m no prude, but some of these trends must die and sometimes friends won’t tell their friends when it’s time to let it go or when a look is too risqué or just in bad taste. Rocking trends is all about making the fad work for you.

What did I leave off the list?

By Deidre White

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