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Basketball Wives' Tami Roman Addresses Attack On Kesha In Apology

UPDATE-Basketball Wives reached an epic low last night thanks to Tami Roman. On the brink of a near breakdown that required both executive producer Shaunie O’Neal and Shed Media to address the public, issue apologies and promise a more balanced show – last night’s episode reminded us exactly why the Basketball Wives boycott is on fire.

Last week’s episode showed the beginning stages of Tami Roman picking a fight with her nemesis Kesha Nichols. Prior to the second half of the childish fight the public already knew Kesha was talked out of filing a police report and left Tahiti early – now we know why. Tami’s behavior is inexcusable and now she’s issued an apology posted on Twitter.

“I just landed in NYC, but I did catch 2nites episode on the plane. As I said earlier, this was BAD, wrong & immature-I apologize…I’m not proud of my behavior, but I own up to it and face it. I do apologizee 2my family, my friends, my kids & 2 my cast members…The supporters who have been there, I’m sorry I let U down-this was not handled properly & I felt bad THEN and now….I simply ask that U b respectful 2my kids-they R NOT on BBW & do not control my actions on the show. Don’t become what U criticze….I would have blogged this but I wanted 2 address it as soon as I landed. Accept it or not, I acknowledge & apologize to ALL involved.”

Shouldn’t there be a direct apology to Kesha Nichols first – OK – maybe after her family and THEN to the remaining cast?!It’s clear that Tami doesn’t understand the implications of her actions. Her TV therapist must be embarrassed.

What do you think of Tami’s apology? Kesha also posted a blog post about bullying on her tumblr page which was shared by Nicki Minaj.

“It has been difficult for me to decide what to include in this blog entry. As a person who prides myself on turning lemons in lemonade, I had no idea how to turn the negative display of human behavior seen in Episode 12 into something positive, until now. Instead of knit picking, pointing fingers and calling names, I decided to educate myself on the issue at hand. I would like to share some of this information with you now, because when we know better, we do better.”

Definition of the word “Bully”:


1. A person who is habitually cruel or overbearing

2. A hired ruffian; a thug”


1. To treat in an overbearing or intimidating manner

2. To force one’s way aggressively or by intimidation

Sadly, Tami Roman fits the description of a bully.

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0 thoughts on “Basketball Wives' Tami Roman Addresses Attack On Kesha In Apology

  1. Jess says:

    That bullying was arguably the most disgraceful thing I’ve ever seen on television

  2. LaVonne says:

    I applaud Keshia for maintaining her composure.  The cast members portrayed her as weak, but I believe she acted as any decent adult would.   Tammy behaved like a heathen, and I would have been afraid as well.   Well minded adults don’t act that way.  I was sickened by the portrayal and even more sickened by how Shaunie, Eve, and Susie defended Tami and attempted to force a confrontation and boost ratings.  They should have told Tami to give the girl her purse back.

  3. Ronda says:

    I have lost all respect for Tami. She not only showed the definition of a BULLY, she took, stole Keasha property in went through it, than went and lied to the people at the desk to go into her room. Tami you are a BULLY & a bad role model to anything that has life. You should not gd on the show if you can’t control your animal behavior. You fit right in with the criminals. You are a person who is heartless, cruel, and fake. You had all intentions of hurting Keasha. You are an true example of a hood ghetto RAT. What if someone treat your girls like that? Susie talks too much and what grown women put fish in someone room… Grow up BBW. All of you need to watch the show to see how ignorant you look. Tami & Evelyn both dismayed bully behavior. Grown women in age but don’t act it. I hope charges is brought against you Tami. BBW prove that stupidity is in all races. BBW get a thumbs up for showing everyone how not to act. I hope that is your lowest. REALLY, Tami! How low can you go? Acting ugly make you look ugly or uglier. NO excuse for that episode, it should have never been aired. Good job vh1. I do not like bullies.

  4. Key says:

    Wow I really like Tami, but I was sick after I saw this. I made my kids look at this episode so they know how not to act and what a BULLIE looks like. I was very disturbed :{ That situation should never have gone that far.. I fell like Evelyn and Shaunie was in a position to step in sooner then what they did ( Yes I said it, when you look the other way you are just as guilty).. I could not have been in a situation like this and let it go that far, rather I liked the victim or not. Young people look at shows like this and think that’s cool and Tammy is a bad a##- I think she acted like a PUNK, only punks bully others weaker than them. Kesha WAS RIGHT for walking away – she did the right thing by going to the security about her things (Tami did not pick her purse up as a favor, she was being nasty). Suzie instigating scary butt need to stay out of stuff, stop going back and forth running your mouth then acting like you want to help. Don’t get me wrong, yea Kesha spoke on Tami and Tami had the right to confront her about what she said, but at the same time if it was bothering her that much she should have pulled her to the side and not waited until she had her courage juice and a crowed – now that’s where the Punk comes in!.

  5. Nolagurl says:

    That apology was pure bull crap! I bet Shaunie and the producers made her issue an apology! She didnt want to apologize then on her own, so what makes yall think she did it on her own this time! Give me 5 minutes in the room with Tami! Just 5 minutes!

  6. SUGARBROWN says:

    Just get rid of the entire Series, I’m with Wendy Williams on this one, SHAUNIE WALK AWAY! The damage has been done!

  7. ANDRE says:


  8. janice says:

    Tami, Shaunie, Evelyn & Susie will have their day. What goes around comes around. Tami always about people need to respect where she came from but she doesn’t respect anyone else. She says don’t take it out on her kids but she shouldn’t give the ammunition. She says vh1 edits her to look bad, they work with what she gives them. Grow up Tami and stop blaming others for you ill behavior because its all you.

  9. Sue J says:

    Jess, I agree. The worst thing I have seen on television. I can’t see how they can bring Tami back on the show.

  10. DaJournalist says:

    Indeed. While I commend Keisha for keeping her composure, I really wanted her to bash Tami’s f*ckin’ head in or at least let the police go get her purse. She shoulda let Tammy fight her and then sued they ass like Jennifer and THEN dipped. She’d be back in that hood she loves so much. Susie is going to get what’s coming to her too. Due time. Karma is a bish.

  11. marie3548 says:

    What a condescending apology if u dont care whether it is accepted y do it dripping with sarcasm she dont look like a Keisha but a Lisa how freakkin nastin can u b to another human being under the guise of wanting respect and keepin it real yeah we saw the real person and her therapy is really not being effective she needs a refund. That was one of the worst displays of character towards another human being that I have ever seen just horrible to treat another human being like that and had the girls purse in her suitcase how did she possible think any of this was justifiable.
    Disgusting behavior.
    so what everybody talks there is no code everyone does it at one time or another in the privacy of their home or to their friends we have all been there Tami is not the talk police she does it too on camera we r not children thats the way of the world grow up and furthermore she wasnt hurt by anything that was said and nothing warrants this behavior and no one surely deserves this inhumane behavior.

    if u r aginst bullying in any form go to
    like this page in support of no bullying plz
    http://www. Tis broad iz (her infamous line to Keisha) selling u got 2 Mins t-shirts she should not b allowed to profit off bully money no one should support this. if u do not support bully and surely dont support her profiteering on U got 2 min T-shirts.
    Plz contact this raggedy station make ur voice heard
    [email protected]
    reply to this comment

    Never addressed Keisha by her name what a low down dog

  12. marie3548 says:

    Bully: a person who is habitually cruel or overbearing, especially to smaller or weaker people.

    Bully: a blustering browbeating person; especially: one habitually cruel to others who are weaker

    Bully: bullying is intentional aggressive behavior. It can take the form of physical or verbal harassment and involves an imbalance of power (someone who is physically bigger or more aggressive)
    The Meaning of Tami Roman

  13. marie3548 says:
    Basketball wives petition plz sign she iz really not taking this serious I will never as mentioned above support any of Shaunie or Tami future endeavors.

  14. Young Guice says:

    Karma is something else I tell ya….smh !!! Tami you chose to be like Susie and kiss Shaunie and Evelyn’s behind. They got you playing bulldog EVERY season girl, you looking real stupid right now. You were a favorite for being down to earth, but now your a full blown CHARACTER. BBW’s WE DON’T LIKE YOU ANYMORE. Finding something else to watch has been wonderful….rather watch LaLa’s show about nothing….lol !!!

  15. Myra Brown says:

    I was so ashamed of Tami and her behavior..Tami is my girl but that shit was not cool at all…I think she shouldnt drink because she was a whole other person! Shaunie is the biggest disgrace! she sits there and says nothing, damn grow the fuck up. Everytime these women take a trip its always some damn drama. WOW..and that shit they did to ole girls room is some bullshit too. You ladies/women couldnt be friends of mine. I would have beat Tami’s ass when she took my purse, but Kudos to Keesha for not fallin into their web of bullshit

  16. damone says:

    that was a disgrace to watch, the worst part was they stood around and watched it take place,you might not be the bully but your part of the problem your just as guilty. this show needs to be snatched off the air because these are not good black women or road models to be seen and saunie you got enough of shaqs money you doing this show to stay relevant but really making a fool out of yourself

  17. Lindz says:

    Tough, Tammi, Tyrannical, Troll, what a joke. The behavior of this she-man is exactly the reason her own daughters did not want her involved in their careers. All that extra head swiveling and lip smacking is the very charicature of black women that real ones have been trying to dispel for years. This woman has that ignorant gene; that dummy disease and I hope her daughters do not. Maybe their father can marry a role model for them. As for Susie, what a trouble making big mouth. “uh” I don’t mean to start no trouble but Keisha said that you is stupid, Stupid!” LMAO!! Now, go fight somebody! What a remote controlled knuckle head, but she has pretty eyes and that’s it! She was just trying to keep Keisha from becoming one of the female girls, LMAO! Tami, you my main man!

  18. Suki says:

    Kesha wanted this to happen. She is a total phony.

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