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Basketball Wives' Tami Roman Addresses Attack On Kesha In Apology

UPDATE-Basketball Wives reached an epic low last night thanks to Tami Roman. On the brink of a near breakdown that required both executive producer Shaunie O’Neal and Shed Media to address the public, issue apologies and promise a more balanced show – last night’s episode reminded us exactly why the Basketball Wives boycott is on fire.

Last week’s episode showed the beginning stages of Tami Roman picking a fight with her nemesis Kesha Nichols. Prior to the second half of the childish fight the public already knew Kesha was talked out of filing a police report and left Tahiti early – now we know why. Tami’s behavior is inexcusable and now she’s issued an apology posted on Twitter.

“I just landed in NYC, but I did catch 2nites episode on the plane. As I said earlier, this was BAD, wrong & immature-I apologize…I’m not proud of my behavior, but I own up to it and face it. I do apologizee 2my family, my friends, my kids & 2 my cast members…The supporters who have been there, I’m sorry I let U down-this was not handled properly & I felt bad THEN and now….I simply ask that U b respectful 2my kids-they R NOT on BBW & do not control my actions on the show. Don’t become what U criticze….I would have blogged this but I wanted 2 address it as soon as I landed. Accept it or not, I acknowledge & apologize to ALL involved.”

Shouldn’t there be a direct apology to Kesha Nichols first – OK – maybe after her family and THEN to the remaining cast?!It’s clear that Tami doesn’t understand the implications of her actions. Her TV therapist must be embarrassed.

What do you think of Tami’s apology? Kesha also posted a blog post about bullying on her tumblr page which was shared by Nicki Minaj.

“It has been difficult for me to decide what to include in this blog entry. As a person who prides myself on turning lemons in lemonade, I had no idea how to turn the negative display of human behavior seen in Episode 12 into something positive, until now. Instead of knit picking, pointing fingers and calling names, I decided to educate myself on the issue at hand. I would like to share some of this information with you now, because when we know better, we do better.”

Definition of the word “Bully”:


1. A person who is habitually cruel or overbearing

2. A hired ruffian; a thug”


1. To treat in an overbearing or intimidating manner

2. To force one’s way aggressively or by intimidation

Sadly, Tami Roman fits the description of a bully.

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