Basketball Wives' Tami Roman Forced To Quit The Show?

Is Tami Roman folding under pressure? It appears the mounting pressures applied from a popular boycott against Basketball Wives is getting the best of the boisterous star. First Tami accused the fans of bullying her, now she’s leaving hints on Twitter that season 4 may have been her last. Check out Tami’s response to a fan via twitter below:

“I hope on the next season of basketball they bring another hoodrat bitch to the show that’s not gonna back down from @TamiRoman bully ass,” tweeted the bold fan.

@CallMeCASH_ I actually hope they do well next season-I wish all the BBW’s the best of luck,” tweeted Tami in response.

It didn’t take a long before a fan interpreted the tweet as a send off,

“@TamiRoman @CallMeCASH_ you aren’t doin the show anymore, why? I hope not cause of the bad feedback.”

If Tami is indeed ready to throw in the towel she certainly has the support of former Basketball Wives LA star Tanya Williams who wrote a lengthy article on the Daily Beast blasting the show. See an excerpt below:

“I certainly don’t miss the environment I was exposed to while taping Basketball Wives. It was both toxic and controlling. Women were not allowed to communicate after shooting a scene; women were chastised as if they were children; high-ranking executives would childishly ignore cast members on the set; and producers would “ice” cast members from working when they wanted to garner more outrageous conduct from them. Despite the “friendships” portrayed on the screen, some producers purposely planted seeds of discord between the women, and told outright lies, hoping that conflict and drama would ensue. Oftentimes, when I arrived at home, I immediately took a shower because I felt psychologically and emotionally dirty and disgusting from my day on the set.

Basketball Wives is a valuable commodity to Shed Media and VH1. The women of Basketball Wives should start acting like professional businesswomen and less like tightly wound puppets and demand a balanced show. Working on Basketball Wives is a gig, not a career. If the women don’t want to lose paychecks due to the mounting boycotts, they had better stop fighting each other and join the raging battle against the network and the production company to eliminate the negative portrayal of women of color on Basketball Wives—before their 15 minutes of fame is up.”

Perhaps Tami isn’t feeling up to a fight…

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