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Jennifer Lopez , Casper Smart Caught Arguing In Public

Jennifer Lopez was caught giving Casper Smart a raised eyebrow just before she hit the American Idol stage; reports hinting the two lovebirds had a small quarrel.

In an image captured by the UK DailyMail, the age-challenged couple was spotted in a convertible, JLo as the passenger looking a tidbit unhappy with the discussion she and 25-year-old Casper were having.

Though the American Idol judge had on black shades, her facial expressions clearly presented a perturbed Jennifer unlike her usual bubblegum giggly self when she’s in the presence of her lead choreographer.

To further insinuate trouble for the pda-heavy pair, the 42-year-old mom-of-twins exited the vehicle without leaning in for a smooch.

In a bit of coincidental timing, a friend of the superstar is echoing marital rumors for Smart and Lopez, claiming the “Dance Again” singer moves of making Smart her head choreographer is all calculated so that he is “more respectable and more of an equal” in the eyes of her personal team and the public.

According to, the source claims this will all lead to a trip down the aisle with baby in tow within the next year.

Do you think this is a good move for Jennifer?


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  1. Eleanor Jodway says:

    Get REAL! Much like Demi Moore’s May Dec romance…..this will NEVER work! These Women are pathetic! Why can’t the World’s richest, most beautiful Women hang on to a Man? What’s wr9ong with them? I find it all SAD! 🙁

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