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Royce Reed Rips Into Basketball Wives' Tami Roman Over Kesha Nichols

UPDATE-The cast of Basketball Wives flew to Tahiti to presumably take a break from their drama but more drama followed and Royce Reed has something to say about it. After Monday night’s episode Reed wasn’t afraid to speak her mind in an open letter on her VH1 blog to Tami Roman on her treatment to Kesha Nichols and the behavior of the remaining cast on he trip. *It’s a bit long.*

“I was honestly just hoping Kesha didn’t say her skin hurt. Tami seemed as though she was trying to find something to get upset about and she chose a cough. From the way the girls were seated in the car, to laughing and making faces behind Kesha’s back if you take a screen capture from that scene and mine from the van in Spain, it’s almost identical.

I’m not sure what happened to Tami, but this isn’t the woman I’ve gotten to know. To see these women gang up on someone who has done nothing to them is embarrassing. I say ganging up because NO ONE did anything to stop it. If you don’t say anything you then become part of the problem. Who cares if Kesha was scared to get in the ocean with sharks and stingrays, I don’t believe I saw any of your a**es in a swimsuit jumping in the water either. How are you going to call someone else scary when at least they put on the attire instead of saying “Oh Hell NO” in confessionals?????

I applaud Suzie and Kesha for appreciating what Tahiti had to offer and attempting to stay drama free. I find it amazing when alcohol is used as liquid courage and an excuse to turn into the HULK. Most times I drink, I get emotional, horny, and just want to dance…..:side-eye: lol. But if you know that drinks cause you to have a temper, why indulge just because everyone else is? The whole scene with Tami and Kesha I shook my head. At some point you have to look at yourself and say “Damn, that wasn’t a good look. I need to change the way I speak to people and handle things because I look crazy.” If you don’t see it, your “so-called” friends have and should tell you the same. Tami, if Evelyn and Shaunie found no problem with Kesha’s questions, it wasn’t up to you to find one. Tami, if you HEARD Kesha said all these things about you, why not call out the person who told you so you can get all three parties together.

I’m sure THAT PERSON was probably sitting at that table. I have an idea of two people who could’ve said it. One is known to talk a lot, and the other is a snake in the grass. If you’re going based off the footage that was shown, Kesha said “I seriously had to just NOT go off…and honestly, like, I could’ve came at Tami and said whatever I wanted to but there’s nothing I could’ve said that would’ve made her look worse than she was making herself look…Tami is like acting a fool” …She never said she wanted to, so why are you asking her to now??? The smirking on the side by Evelyn and Shaunie is a DAMN SHAME. Grown as women talking about a damn position! Grown ass women wanting to fight with no repercussions!I HEARD about what happened in Tahiti but seeing it now is an embarrassment and the sh!t is PISSING ME OFF!!!! GROWN ASS AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMEN feeding into the stereotype already placed on us…plus two!!!!!!!!”

What do you think of Royce’s letter to the ladies?

UPDATE: Evelyn Lozada kept her blog entry on Tahiti very brief.

“And regardless of what you witnessed last night, a lot of problems are resolved by the end of the trip. So before you rush to judgment on my castsmates, I’d ask you to let the story completely unfold before you rush to judgment.”


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0 thoughts on “Royce Reed Rips Into Basketball Wives' Tami Roman Over Kesha Nichols

  1. SUGARBROWN says:

    Tami will pop Royce in her mouth for this one, because there’s no reasoning with Tami, she can “say and do what she wants to you, but You’d better not, the nerve!” SMH Royce your points were valid and in all honesty “TRUE” but seriously prepare yourself to knuckle up if you guys have a reunion show (Inwhich there’s no need), you know there’s no talking “SENSE” with grownass bitter hags, —-> It’s just not possible in this day and time and Bitter hags are in all walks of life, not just on BBWs.

  2. dynasty says:

    I completly agree with you Royce…. and i believe its extremely hypocritical for Tami to be on tv in one scene acting a donkey and straight unlady like and then in another playing the victim with her shrink… dont get me wrong, i sympathize with the pain she went through but if she went through so much pain in her life and didnt like it shy would she in turn make someone else feel pain… it just doesnt make any sense to me… and as a “Business woman” she is not a good reprensentation of her brand… and i dont know about everyone else but i havent heard nor seen a valid reason why she doesnt like kesha… i see jealousy.. hmmmmmmmm… and Tami needs to fire her shrink because she still has anger issues… ..

  3. ANDRE says:


  4. ANDRE says:


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  6. Kay says:

    I stop watching the show after it became filled with fighting. Arguing was cool with me but hitting, not so much. As for Tami, she prays on the weak. She said that she isn’t in Ev and Jen’s mess but she has something negative to say about Jen. Clearly she is taking Ev’s side. If they were real friends, they would say stop the madness. If I was Kesha I would reported my purse stolen. Tami would be in jail if she would of touched me. No show or fame should make people act like animals for money. Shaunie is probably laughing at them because its just making her checks fatter. They need to change the name from Basketball Wives to Basketball Exes. Tami is suppose to write a tell all book so I guess VH1 will sue her like they are with Jen. These woman lost my respect and I no longer give them rating. Hopefully this is the last season and Ev’s show will no air because they are not getting married.

  7. alison says:

    that what true friend do they tell you the true wen no one will not tami need to act her age

  8. NicoleLove02 says:

    Royce is dead on with this. She put it out there just how it should be. Tami, for so ling I have wanted to root for her, feeling Evelyn did play her dirty the first season when she came on the show looking “not so hot” and driving off in that Haundai. I started getting taken back from last season the way she treated Meeka. Even how she picks on Kenya (even though she clearly has something going on) At 41 you can’t think it’s ok to hit someone and not pay a price. And you can’t go bullying women half your age and becoming territorial with “your position” on a show that seems to be your only claim to fame. Just sad, and yes Evelyn and Shaunie could have at least said “we don’t mind the questions”, or “let’s just enjoy the trip” as Tami tried to make us believe was her initial intent. Tami needs help, and should invest into a new counselor for anger management because the one she has is no good if you’re over 40 still working on yourself but acting a fool the way you do!

  9. Cecilia says:

    This episode was shameful. I really liked Tami last year, but this year she is a mess. She is all over the place. She’s mad at Kesha for having conversations with the other girls about her. When she seems to be in the middle of every bodies drama this session. SMH, she’s a bully and a hypocrite.

  10. majesty says:

    This letter might be a case of the pot calling the kettle but i could appreciate royce having a moment of sanity and clear thinking i just wished all of our women could have more of these positive moments instead of feeding into gossip and stereotypes . Amen

  11. vanessa seale says:

    this show used to be good but it sucks now. 1st shaunie, evelyn an tami r full of sh** they all talk a good game, but the problem is she knows who to put on her show so there not a threat. the 1st season tami was ready to get in her tail and evelyns a** and now all are bff’s. where i’m from all 3 would have got worked over. but when ur dealing with cup cakes this is what u get… No heart there just a bunch of sour women looking for attention

  12. Nolagurl says:

    That is the one thing I very much agree with Royce on!!!! Tami and Evelyn or bullies! Tami bad built ass is in her 40’s and Evelyn is almost out of her 30’s and they both act like teenage bullies. One day they will try the right one and get just what they are asking for!

  13. la rue says:

    how old is two old ,give me a break!!! evelyn/shaunie/ tammi 2old !!!ass hell,

  14. la rue says:

    have you guys ever heard of bulling— shaunie the shit stater—evelyn and tami the ass wipe you old ass want 2 b young frist it was gloria. meeka than royce than kesha. kenna and than jan you old bitch who’s next

  15. mybad says:

    It’s like Tami and Evelyn are performing for each other. They take turns, and sometimes work as a tag team. These two former enemies. I mean Evelyn slept with Tami’s ex and called her a non MF factor and made T-shirts to promote her lack of empathy. Now they’re two inseparable, empty souls. Determined to make everybody — who they decide is an enemy — feel the hurt and shame that they can’t get beyond. It’s beyond time for these girls to grow up. Kesha is too good for this show. But she and Jen really need to know that you never have to fight a bully twice.

  16. denice King says:

    I totally agree with Royce, 100%!! Tami is an absolute embarrassment to African American women! POINT BLANK!!! I was appalled when I saw the last episode, she looks like a pit bull on a poodle. I’m so sick of it!!! Tami needs to grow up and be a role model for her daughters ( I know they’re so ashamed and embarrassed.) She will meet her match because KARMA comes back around! I wanted to jump threw the t.v. and save poor Kesha….


    I totally agree with you Royce. and i Can’t bellieve shaunie just stood by and didn’t do or say anything. I thought she was better than that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Mahogany says:

    I Give Royce credit, because she unlike the other females on that show, she wasn’t afraid to say it like it is! Everybody is all up Tami’s a** because, Evelyn, and Shaunie are afraid of her, Tami ain’t nobody!!! and people need to stop glorifiying the nonsense that goes on, they’re all grown women and should act like it, damn shame.. I supposed if they did there wouldn’t be a show…

  19. Keele says:

    In life you have to let people play themselves. Tami will… Or did she already with the heart attack? Maybe that will teach her to govern herself accordingly.


    I’m sure she can defend HERSELF!!! and if Tami is her real friend: she wouldn’t get physical with her and just admit that she was wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Grace Dillard says:

    Royce I agree. Ladies you all live in a little tv world not in the real world …Tamie try that shit with a real sista out on the street. Bullies…let work and have this tv show remove.

  22. May says:

    Tammie is too old to be acting so foolish. She picks on the weaker ones. Tammir, you should not let SHED Med continue to make an ass out of you. We, the views don’t want to always see trash tv. You have had some rough spots in your life and you should not be acting like a bully. Keisha, you were right to not to say anything especially whne Tammi was making a complete ass out of herself. Also, Shaunie and Ev, you are no friends to anyone. You sit back and play two sides. Cancel Basketball wives!!!!!!!!

  23. I think that Mrs. Reed is write. These ladies are my age , at some point it’s time to act your age especially since you have kids. I don’t blame Mrs. Reed for keeping her distance from these ladies, their ridiculous ! Why go to the zoo when I can see two legged animals with clothes on & LV purses acting a fool!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. K_Michelle says:

    I totally agree with Royce. For the last 2 season Tami was my favorite because she kept it real, but now she’s turned into a real live BULLY! I was so hurt when the show aired Monday, and also rather embarrassed. See Tami knows who to cut up on, and wouldn’t act like that with the ones that will get back with her (i.e Royve and Evelyn). They are setting the wrong examples for young women. I glad someone from the cast FINALLY has something to say about Tami behavior. Kick her ghetto ass off the show!

  25. Bossee says:

    How can we teach about bullying when it’s in our Tv show that are based on reality. How do you have charities on helping when now your becoming apart of the prolem and not the solution…….. Tamil made points on how thing were done in the past if you haven’t notice were in a different time and space and the fact she is a grown ass woman. When she approach Evelyn in her shop she had a lotta shoulda woulda but she didn’t touch her did she and talk to her like she had some sense. It all boils down to what u feel u lacking in self for it to be so serious over something so peddy. STOP THE BULLYING!!!!!!” We have enough going on other than BBW showing how to be BULLY’S

  26. Arlene says:

    I agree with Royce, those ladies including Shaunie did gang up on Kesha, but Tami is going to be pissed as hell. I’m surprised she hasn’t responded as yet via twitter.

  27. Natalia says:

    I LOVE everything you just said Royce. I am so glad you are on this show because you are truly one of the only girls that has a good head on her shoulders. I am embarrassed by this episode and this whole season! Evelyn and Tami are animals and just disgusting women. I can’t even watch the show anymore because I feel disgusted by their behavior. They are grown as women and straight BULLIES. SHAUNIE SHAME ON YOU! SHAME ON ALL OF YOU SITTING IN THAT TABLE!! I can’t believe nobody called out Tamie on what a psychopath she was being! Is this behavior really just that “normal” to you ladies that you can’t even tell that she is being completely irrational and CRAZY?! DISGUSTING! Thank You Royce for saying everything every viewer is thinking. This show needs to be CANCELLED! These women need to me trained like animals on how normal human beings behave. This is NOT CUTE you ladies are down right nasty! Makes my blood boil thinking about this episode. Please stop this non-sense and end this show!

  28. Gigi says:

    I wonder if Royce is willing to say all this to their face with her punk ass, she should be embarrassed about all that damn crying with no tears on the last episode. Royce needs to grow up. Oh, and by the way I don’t like how Tami & Evelyn has been acting either, in fact I didn’t like how Tami was last season. Jennifer is boring, Kenya is crazy and Suzie is….. Well Suzie, she doesn’t really serve a purpose other than to repeat everything everyone says.

  29. Bond says:

    Royce couldn’t have said it better , these woman are selling their self worth and dignity for a paycheck. Shaunie is nothing more than a outright instigator sitting back playing the boss bitch while the rest are making fools of them selves. Someone needs to go in on tlin on her snake ass…but that won’t happen ….wonder why??? Oh cause its her show …way to embarrass your race ladies . Big ups to Royce for not being a coward like the rest.

  30. Lamont says:

    Silly women who take offense and I mean the slightest offense based off of she say/he say. Pure ignorance’s. The only thing change is the age, they are still childish.

  31. Tmeekie says:

    RIGHT ON, RIGHT ON ROYCE, THATS WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT ROYCE YOU THE ONLY ONE ON THE SHOW THAT AINT SCARED OF TAMI, AND IF SHE GO OFF ON You kick her but, I think you can, she looks stupid and crazy she used to be kinda pretty now she just look like a big as bully.


    i’ve been bullied when i was younger and what i’ve noticed is that the people that gets bullied are quickly to forgive our bullies and still be around them and what i’ve noticed from my personal experience is that you should just get as far away from them as possible!!!!!!!!!!! coz in the bullies eyes they aren’t doing anything wrong and by you constantly forgiving them over and over again they are gonna continue doing it and are gonna find another reason to bully you again. its a cycle and it won’t stop till you stand up for yourself and completely eleminate the bully from your life!!!!!!! the only reason the bullies bully you is because they don’t have any kind of respect for you!!!!!!!!!! STAY AWAY FROM PEOPLE THAT DON’T GIVE YOU AS MUCH RESPECT THAT YOU GIVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!! SURROUND YOURSELF WITH PEOPLE WHO WILL UPLIFT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) KESHA STAY AWAY FROM TAMI AND EVELYN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! who cares if she had an heart attack? that doesn’t mean you have to forgive her for what she did!!!!!!! and i don’t know if she phisically treatend you, but if she did i would definetly take legal action if i was you and an restraining order if possible!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. TEMEKA says:

    Girl, u shure is going to get your ass beat for this one.. lmbo.. I guess that liquid courage, is a beast! But you have to respect Tami, because unlike the most of you (u too royce) she will say exactly whats on her mind.. BTW, why are you doing all this crying on the show?
    Are u auditioning for a soap opera or something, dang shut up already.. But get that face ready, its coming..

  34. Stella K says:

    I am so glad “ONE” of those ladies has enough sense to be embarrased!! Tami, you really made yourself look like someone from the “Outer Limits” Leave the liquor alone!!!

  35. Young Guice says:

    Royce is easily the realist on the show !!! Tami is the biggest sucker for bowing down and following Evelyn and Shaunie the same way as Suzi. They just kiss Shaunie’s ass til it hurts, and for what ? Fame is a short candle, and I hope these ladies learn that before there 15min. is up !!! Invite Ron Artest wife to Basketball Wives Miami Shaunie, lol !!! THIS SHOW SUCKS, AND THE BULLYING IS WACK !!!

  36. Michelle says:

    Royce isn’t scared of tami why should anyone be??? What Royce wrote was the absolute truth… Tami that b!tch so far up Evelyn’s ass trying to get brownie points it’s sick… They need another royce on the show that’s ready to pop off on tami and Evelyn… I think I’m done with this show unless shaunie finds real women that represents black women better… Evelyn ain’t black (thinks she is) so I don’t really care how ridiculous she makes herself look…

  37. Paula says:

    I totally agree w/ Royce, everthing she said was on point and TRUE. I understand how she feels being embarrassed. Tami has issue that she really needs to work on. Evelyn & Tami are bullies, and their behavior is deplorable and disgusting. They both act like HOODRATS.. And to represent woman of ALL colors is a disgrace to women. What grown profressional women do you see bulling people. throwing bottles and jumping over tables. They both act like wild animals … I can’t believe Shaunie allowed this to go on and be a part of it. But then again, I can… Shaunie portrays to be this innocent professional women, when in reality she only out to make a $ on everyone expense. ” Which is sad ” Shaunie you must be hurting for money bad… I saw Shaunie interview and she even admitted that Tami & Evelyn are bullys. but then goes to say : They’re grown A$$ women and they never listen to what I say” But Shaunie aren’t you the ” BOSS ” executive producer for the show….Where are the boundries in your contract…. ” YOUR FIRED ” …Oh wait .. there isn’t any….Every women for themselves….. just keep my rating up…… I agree w/ SugarBrown comment above: Royce be prepared to put the gloves on w/ Tami, she not going to like hearing the TRUTH. Tami & Evelyn you both are mothers and this is how you act, and subjecting your kids to see all the violent and hear the foul language being used, and to let them think this kind of behavior is okay… ” REALLY ” ..
    Shaunie, Tami & Evelyn should take a HARD look at their selves… You ALL are looking a DAMN fool to millions of viewers, to see you hold someone purse hostage… WOW…REALLY..
    Grow up and have some respect for yourself and others… You ALL are out of control….. Kesha I would have them ALL arrested if you could….

  38. beverly colon says:

    I am definately with her on this one. These “women” are acting like teenagers. Grow up “ladies”.

  39. Cyndy says:

    I have a solution for all of this fighting: agree to get in the ring with gloves on with no referee for charity and see who’ll show up.

  40. cherese says:

    fxck all yall nxgga bxtches

  41. Kandy says:

    Why does Kesha need to get in the ring with Tami? She has done nothing to Tami except express her feelings but not to Tami because she knows what type of reaction she would get. Tami is acting like a school-aged bully.
    That is, picking on someone who is afraid of her. Bullies on pick on the weak. You see when Evelyn stood up to her, she backed down and try to handle it like Jennifer (sue in court).

  42. Lisa says:


  43. T says:

    I caught a glimpse of the episode and all I can say is…… “Really?” The way Shaunie and Evelyn just watched as if it was for gratification or something. Tami needs to stop blaming all her issues on being raped. She uses it as a crutch too often. Royce and Jennifer seem to have the most brains on that show. Tami, or one of the others, said that they were in fear of all the negative feedback because some of the ladies would be unemployed. Unemployed? Now that’s funny. To be honest, this show only gained popularity because on the drama. If they only show “good” things, ratings would drop. Therefore, they just need to get rid of the entire show.

  44. Annette says:

    Wow, after watching BBW last night..I had tears in my eyes about the way that Tammi intimidated and tried to terrorize Keisha..that is a shame that VHI would let Keisha be humilated by Tammi like that.. I would fear for my life also if Tammi came at me like that.
    She is a sick person.She needs help and she thinks that God is not going to punish her
    for her behavior. I don’t understand why they got another season..they are not nice people.
    Would they have helped defend Keisha if Tammi had really done what she wanted to do,
    physically attack Keisha..Susie is irrelevant in my book. She is the kind of person that you
    detest in the office, the one always starting stuff. It was really funny to see Evelyn and Shaunie pretend that they cared about what happened to Keisha, and those crocodile tears
    from Evelyn..I am not buying it..her heart is evil just like Tammie’s… VH1, what are you doing by letting these women make decent livings and become “famous” in your eyes..
    God doesn’t like ugly.. and that show is ugly…

  45. Kai says:

    Theses women are technically “working” while filming. If they behaved this way at a “regular” corporate job, they’d be fired on the spot for workplace violence and escorted out of the building (quite possibly by the police followed by criminal charges). Why on earth is VH1, the producers and Shaunie condoning this bullying psychotic behavior? Oh right, for money which really makes them equally culpable. And Suzie encouraging Kesha to apologize or she’s just going to make it worse??? That’s like telling a battered woman to apologize to a spouse that just beat her!

  46. lizz says:

    The day before Mondays’ show aired my cousin who is a counselor/mentor for teenage/high school girls told me that she was asked by her principal what she thought about having Tami come to the school to speak to the girls. I told her that though I’d heard that Tami does charity work and I am sure her whole being is not about BBW’s I couldn’t recommend her to speak to a group of impressionable teenagers because of her behaviour on the show. I suggested to my cousin that she watch the show and decide for herself. Well my cousin said she watched a good 10 minutes of Tami ranting and raving and bullying this young woman and immediately decided against extending an invitation to have her speak at her school. She was appalled by what she witnessed and said that this was the kind of behaviour that she is teaching her girls NOT TO EXHIBIT!!!! I don’t know if Tami is doing this for ratings (I sincerely hope that as a mother to 2 young ladies, this is not the real her) or if this is in her contract to be the “lip-smacking, neck rolling, cursing, bullying” stereotype “homegirl”, but either way to compromise her integrity in that way is just not worth it at any cost. It’s a shame because I really feel that a lot of young ladies could benefit from (and I am certain a lot can relate to)her story and how far she has come in spite of some of the things that have happened to her in her life. As for Evelyn, I just shake my head, all of that throwing bottles, jumping over tables, just acting like a straight up hood rat is so tired,and she actually wants people to respect her!!!! Amazing. Both ladies (and i use that term loosely due to their actions) could probably inspire a lot of young ladies, if they could just get out of their own way!!!! Shaunie is laughing all the way to the bank, but she’s no better. And Suzy is just two-faced and a wanna-be with absolutely no backbone.

  47. Donna says:

    I used to love this show. After the last episode I will no longer watch again. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, nor could I believe that all the other females just sat by and let it happen. It is obvious they are all intimidated by Tammi. Tammi used to be my favorite once she cleaned up her act…..but she has once again shown that you can’t take the bad out of a person……you can only suppress it for a little while. This was all inexcusable…….and Shaunie I blame you for allowing this to happen. Aren’t you the boss? How ineffectual are you anyway? This whole episode was a damn shame to you , to women in general, and especially to black women.

  48. the one and only Suzy-Q says:

    Royce has always been one of my favs on this show. Thank you Royce for speaking your mind. Tammi remember you have two daughters and someone will treat them just like you treated Keshi. Kesha is someones daughter too. I know that mom is hurting after watching this show. She should of had your butt locked on that island. Suzy is a two faced trouble maker. PLEASE IF ANYONE FROM THE COOPERATE OFFICE IS READING THESE BLOGS TAKE BBW OFF THE AIR. We are trying to teach our children about bullying being bad. this is not a good look. Every dog has their day Tammi, Shaunie, Suzy, and Evelyn.

  49. mychaeltodd says:

    Chad don’t do it!

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