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Rita Ora Takes Rihanna Comparisons In Stride

Rita Ora responds to the persistent Rihanna comparisons: “I take it as a compliment; the comparison is a great one.”

The “How We Do” singer’s acknowledgment is probably best because the similarities are uncanny—the foreign accent, inking a deal with Roc Nation, teaming up with Drake, and a mentor in Roc mogul Jay-Z? Their looks are even interchangeable and have you heard the runs on “R.I.P.”?

The rumors have been ongoing that Jay had washed his hands of the “Birthday Cake” singer because of her off-stage antics, so the comparisons do seem fitting if the singer was being replaced. However, Ora is shrugging the exceptional similarities off as no big deal.

“It’s not like it’s someone I’m not a fan of, so I’m happy to be compared to someone like that.”

We wonder would she be content with being compared to the RiRi that visits strip clubs who makes it rain on women simulating oral sex.

“Best stress reliever =$tripper$,” the singer tweeted about her recent visit. “My daddy would be proud.”

Probably not. But is she unfazed enough about the comparisons to team up with the Bajan beauty?

“Doing a feature with her would be so cool,” Ora told as she conjured up an impromptu video treatment.

“The video would be kinda hot,” she laughed. “I’d be, like, chasing Rihanna the whole time. … I’d be like ‘come on, man, give me a shot, man! Let me just take you out!’” “No, I’m joking; I’m very, very much straight.”

Ora will debut ‘R.I.P.’ in the UK on May 6, while ‘How We Do’ will be her first cut in the US.


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