Get Inspired: Lisa Price Launches Carol's Daughter In Paris

Lisa Price, the woman behind the hugely successful skin and hair brand Carol’s Daughter who catapulted her business from her kitchen to nine stores across America, is set to branch out (again) by teaming up with Solange Knowles to launch a natural hair blog, Transitioning Movement, and a store opening in London.

Price is making moves to further strategize her best efforts to continue on as the accepted brand for natural heads. Though the go-to brand, she seems to understand that continuously enticing consumers and embarking on diverse groups of users is a necessity for brand survival.

With an upstart of $100 dollars, a true love for products, and a need for the perfect moisturizer, Lisa was setting herself up for the-rest-is-history tale.

“It was definitely a hobby at first,” Lisa recalls to Aaron Task for Yahoo News ‘Driven’ series. “I was just experimenting in the kitchen like you would with a food recipe. I was really trying to find the ultimate moisturizer. I was making things for friends and family.”

Fast-forward to an appearance on The Tyra Show, her sales sky-rocketed and her business would see numbers unlike before. After teaming up with advertising executive Steve Stoute who bridged her with a celebrity platform, Price was more secure with her business as a survivable solid brand.

“It was such an amazing experience and an amazing thing for the brand that just changed the trajectory of it,” Lisa said.

A few weeks ago, Carol’s Daughter released a teaser video for their new site, Transitioning Movement, which will help individuals who are new to rocking their natural coils.

“This definitive online source on how to transition was founded on the idea that every woman should celebrate her own unique beauty. As women transition from relaxed to natural hair with protective styles, the big chop or long or curly grow-outs, we aim to support them as they brave the change with fun, informative and helpful features,” according to the site.

Lisa is expected to launch her store this month in Paris, France.

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