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Keri Hilson’s Revealing Blazer — What Not To Wear: Church Edition

Singer-songwriter Keri Hilson has her now celebrity status ensembles in full gear. Every time the “Knock You Down” singer uploads an image to Instagram she looks fashionably pulled together, albeit stylist enhanced, yet quite fashion forward. As much as everyday people like to insist they aren’t swayed by a celebrity’s choice of clothing, Sunday morning church selections suggests otherwise. I see Beyonce and Basketball Wives inspired looks coming in droves around the offering table.

While club options like any on-stage getup that Barbados bred Rihanna wears is full game—to the club, place-of-worship wear shouldn’t be difficult to spot once the doors of the church are open.

This isn’t preachy talk about what’s fashionable or not, but what’s uncouth. I’ve come to understand some women just do not know what attire is appropriate. And in the words of talk show host Wendy Williams, ‘this is just one woman’s opinion.’

Here’s what made my list of what not to wear to church:

The Overflowing Buxom: Having boobs spilling out of a top is uncomfortable for me from other women outside of church, so let’s keep the Pastor holy. Any visible part of the indention boobie line in church should be shunned.

Remedy: A simple camisole is a great fix to prevent spillage and an onslaught of wandering eyes.

The Mini Skirt: Chances are if you have to pull or adjust, it’s a mini. And if a handkerchief is needed to cover your knees, it’s not appropriate.

Remedy: Midi length skirts aren’t matronly as once thought and maxi skirts are on-trend this season.

The Infamous Hooker/Stripper Heels: Most women love an uber sexy heel, but show them off and what they do for your calves any of the other six days of the week. Leave them home; church is the wrong place to bring attention to you.

Remedy: Keep your hooker heels, just not for worship. If pumps aren’t your style, wedges, flats, or some platforms are literally endless in colors and shapes to spruce up your church look.

Open back: If a garment calls for going without a brassiere—it’s not appropriate. A large area of your back should not ever be visible.

Remedy: If you must pull out that one top with an open back, wear a cardigan. But just avoid altogether.

Ripped/Torn Jeans: I’ve seen torn jeans as a planned outfit. Church only lasts a few hours, wear them after the benediction. Church is no place for intentional ripped clothing.

Remedy: Trousers are quite common for church. If you are a trouser wearer, big leg, hi-waist options are fabulous, but most importantly, opt out of wearing ripped jeans or clothing.

Bare Midriff: Your midriff shouldn’t ever be able to feel a breeze in church. Even the holiest of shouts wouldn’t render such. Shirts/tops should be tuckable or long enough to cover your navel—at least.

Remedy: Not a tucker? Swing tops are beautiful along with regular tops that can be left untucked.

Let’s be clear, this list is for those who can do something about their clothing options. So, what did I leave off the list?

By Deidre White

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