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From Rihanna To Evelyn Lozada: Where Are Their True Friends?

Ever wondered ‘where are their friends’ when you see reality stars like Basketball Wives’ Evelyn Lozada or other reality stars who reveal too much, say too much, and/or do too much?

Grant it, ‘acceptable’ is relative, but there is a general, silent consensus amongst individuals who pride themselves on acting responsible in all realms, so it’s understood. In this microscopic world of everyone having a voice and a view, there are some, who most would agree, fall through the cracks of what’s acceptable. So, where are the friends and why aren’t they speaking up?

Friends should be able to advise when a skirt is crossing the age appropriate line, if an attitude needs to be checked, or if a decision is dizzying incoherent. Having a random person to suggest the same can become offensive, but a friend should be able to advise freely, so why aren’t they?

I recalled watching the super trailer for Basketball Wives Miami when I instantly thought where are Evelyn’s friends? She didn’t have one friend who could reason with her why hauling across a boardroom table like an un-caged animal was uncouth? Where are the friends she had prior to being engaged to Chad Ochocinco? The Brooklyn bred firecracker didn’t just appear without history, so who was holding her accountable before?

The thought isn’t just for reality stars, but the same perplexing question came to mind when “Birthday Cake” singer Rihanna got ‘Thug Life’ tatted across her knuckles in fluorescent pink ink. Why aren’t friends holding friends accountable?

Atlanta’s comedic brothers Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson whose video parody “Ratchet Girls Anthem”, which has nearly 1 million views, highlights what seems important to some young adults, image in the vein of clothes and hair, negating the stance of holding one another accountable or being stewards of authentic friendships that find the displayed behavior unacceptable.

Here are some of the lyrics:

Omg what do she have on (she ratchet)
Her lace front is all wrong (cause she ratchet)
Give me the phone i’m finna take this heffa picture (she ratchet)
Got it i’m bouta put this girl on twitter (cause she ratchet)
Cause i ain’t got time for this i’m too grown (see you ratchet)

girl yes i’m pregnant but i still hit the club i’m in the middle of the floor no shoe WESSS UUUPPP
i had to get cute today, apple bottom jeans fur boots today
i had to keep it looking good cause my baby daddy just made bail
he a thug he’ll shoot today
got a brand new piercing, brand new tat, i paid 95 dollars for this weave plus tax BOW

Do you think the Hudson brothers have a point? Are we living in times where we don’t hold one another accountable for behaving ‘ratchet’?

By Deidre White

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