Marc Anthony Drags Jennifer Lopez's Ex Husband Into Divorce

Jennifer Lopez’s pending divorce from performer Marc Anthony may not be so amicable after all. Supposedly, Marc Anthony has reached out to the “American Idol” judge’s first ex-husband Ojani Noa to gain clarity if the two spent “time” together while he was married to the “Dance Again” singer.

And Anthony isn’t stopping at what could be perceived as “stepping out,” he is also drudging up any evidence if the mother of his twins, Max and Emme, has off-shore accounts.

Marc filed for divorce from the superstar last week citing irreconcilable differences, asking that the two share joint custody of their four-year-olds.

“Marc Anthony’s lawyers are following up with allegations that Jennifer was seeing Ojani while married to Marc, before and after the twins were born. Jennifer allegedly would go to Ojani’s Hancock Park house and spend time with him, without Marc’s knowledge” according to

“Marc’s attorney wants to review financial records and information that Ojani has as he believes JLo has money in offshore accounts.”

While it’s difficult to see how Ojani could help on the money front after almost 15 years of divorce from J. Lo, if he seems to have credibility towards him and Jennifer spending time together, a possible payout could help him in his current situation.

“Ojani is basically homeless now and completely broke and unable to find work. He blames Jennifer for this because her lawyers have threatened to sue anyone who has hired or wants to hire Ojani, claiming that any public mention of Ojani being married to her in any form of publicity is a violation of their marital settlement agreement,” the source states.

This could make for an uneasy work environment for Marc and J.Lo on the “Q’ Viva! The Chosen” set, right?


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