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Pippa Middleton Shrouded In Gun Controversy

Pippa Middleton finds herself in a supposed prank gone awry. The Duchess of Cambridge’s, Kate Middleton, younger sister was leaving a “raunchy” costume party the following day when the driver of the car she was in pointed a plastic gun at the paparazzi.

“Pippa is a party girl. She mixes now in very high society and they don’t come very higher than this group of French aristocratic sons,” according to the Sun’s Duncan Larcombe describing the car of men the 27-year-old was photographed with.

In a moment of forgetting who she is connected to, Pippa was all giggles and games after a night of fun celebrating the 30th birthday of aristocrat and fashion leader Arthur de Soultrait, apparently not thinking through what being affiliated with such a poor farce of pointing a “semi-automatic pistol”, even plastic, could implicate.

Police got involved and was studying pictures of the gun images after receiving a formal complaint about the gun incident as Pippa was being driven into the city’s Gare du Nord station to catch Eurostar train to London, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Thankfully after one member of the paparazzi found it in him to come forth about the gun fiasco, he assured police the gun was indeed a fake.

“When the driver took out the plastic gun, it was for a laugh, to have fun, it was done in a friendly way,” said a member of the paparazzi. “A few minutes later, when the car parked, I touched the plastic gun that the driver showed me. You can find it in any toy store. It’s such a shame to see the magnitude this story has taken on.”


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