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Evelyn Lozada, Nia Crooks Speak On Basketball Wives Drama

Evelyn Lozada hardly waited a day to post her thoughts on her blog about Monday night’s drama filled episode of Basketball Wives involving her assistant Nia Crooks and former BFF Jennifer Williams. The scene of Jennifer getting slapped and Ev proceeding to stomp across the table was by far the most anticipated episode of the season. Here’s how the soon-to-be Mrs. Ochocinco explains her behavior on her blog,

“The reason why I was so hurt and affected by Jen’s comment is because, she was the same person shackin up in that 2-bedroom apartment when she and Eric were separating! Jen would literally take the ferry to Nia’s house because she didn’t have a car.  At that time, Nia helped Jen and opened her doors to her when she didn’t have heat in her apartment.  How can you go from making Nia one of your good friends, the person you would confide in, take vacations with, sleep at her house when you had no where else to turn and then treat her like shit?!”

So that we’re clear Lozada believes this warrants her taking off her shoes and stomping across a table. Check.

Nia, the Christian girl from Bedstuy Brooklyn as listed on her Twitter was ready for her haters.

“Yall rescuing ass hoes @BoChristiann train your bitch to defend herself I don’t lip box now do me a favor & fucken flex. Fucken cowards.”

“I’m from Bedstuy Brooklyn I keeps it all the way real. I don’t lip box if you disrespect me that’s how I was raised to handle things.”

“My ex friend knows the situation & knows what’s up. She can play doll baby for yall or she wants. That shit is all fake.”

“If you’re commenting on me negative or positive you’re still a fan. If you don’t give a fuck, why do you really care?”

We will close with Jennifer Williams blog post on

I’m just wondering- did tonight’s episode satisfy your viewing pleasure? How many people watched my show tonight and actually felt good about it?  Did it make you feel proud to be a woman?  My last question- would you have enjoyed it the same if it was your mother, sister or daughter getting slapped?

I will never forget that day at the racetrack, I didn’t go there to fight so that was the last thing I expected to encounter.  All I remember was the nonsense that took place.  The assistant/gofer decided to be in full action with her monkey see monkey do self as she snuck a slap from behind.  You are a coward if you catch me off guard while sitting down and not to mention a bully!  Then the president of the NON Factor T-shirt Enterprise thought that jumping across the table like a demon would be a good look for the young women in America that watch the show. The horses racing around the track were more civilized than some of the woman with me in the presidential suite that day. I swear I still don’t understand why someone would want to act so ridiculous on national television but I guess some will do anything for fame.

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