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Evelyn Lozada, Nia Crooks Speak On Basketball Wives Drama

Evelyn Lozada hardly waited a day to post her thoughts on her blog about Monday night’s drama filled episode of Basketball Wives involving her assistant Nia Crooks and former BFF Jennifer Williams. The scene of Jennifer getting slapped and Ev proceeding to stomp across the table was by far the most anticipated episode of the season. Here’s how the soon-to-be Mrs. Ochocinco explains her behavior on her blog,

“The reason why I was so hurt and affected by Jen’s comment is because, she was the same person shackin up in that 2-bedroom apartment when she and Eric were separating! Jen would literally take the ferry to Nia’s house because she didn’t have a car.  At that time, Nia helped Jen and opened her doors to her when she didn’t have heat in her apartment.  How can you go from making Nia one of your good friends, the person you would confide in, take vacations with, sleep at her house when you had no where else to turn and then treat her like shit?!”

So that we’re clear Lozada believes this warrants her taking off her shoes and stomping across a table. Check.

Nia, the Christian girl from Bedstuy Brooklyn as listed on her Twitter was ready for her haters.

“Yall rescuing ass hoes @BoChristiann train your bitch to defend herself I don’t lip box now do me a favor & fucken flex. Fucken cowards.”

“I’m from Bedstuy Brooklyn I keeps it all the way real. I don’t lip box if you disrespect me that’s how I was raised to handle things.”

“My ex friend knows the situation & knows what’s up. She can play doll baby for yall or she wants. That shit is all fake.”

“If you’re commenting on me negative or positive you’re still a fan. If you don’t give a fuck, why do you really care?”

We will close with Jennifer Williams blog post on

I’m just wondering- did tonight’s episode satisfy your viewing pleasure? How many people watched my show tonight and actually felt good about it?  Did it make you feel proud to be a woman?  My last question- would you have enjoyed it the same if it was your mother, sister or daughter getting slapped?

I will never forget that day at the racetrack, I didn’t go there to fight so that was the last thing I expected to encounter.  All I remember was the nonsense that took place.  The assistant/gofer decided to be in full action with her monkey see monkey do self as she snuck a slap from behind.  You are a coward if you catch me off guard while sitting down and not to mention a bully!  Then the president of the NON Factor T-shirt Enterprise thought that jumping across the table like a demon would be a good look for the young women in America that watch the show. The horses racing around the track were more civilized than some of the woman with me in the presidential suite that day. I swear I still don’t understand why someone would want to act so ridiculous on national television but I guess some will do anything for fame.

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22 thoughts on “Evelyn Lozada, Nia Crooks Speak On Basketball Wives Drama

  1. Renea says:

    i don’t think that the other girls was tryin to do anything to prevent it from happening…Nia should have went to jail…she had no business there in the first place…real talk

  2. marlana says:

    I wish to GOD you were infront of my right now, you bump off with so much shit and yet all you do is suck D*&% for money, your a disgrace to all PR woman from NYC… you need your freaking ass beat and a freaking reality check, pendeja!!!!
    you go after people that are mousey and quiet step to a real bitch and see if i dont knock you around. idiota smh

  3. Tyler D says:

    What happend to Jennifer last night was pretty bad, but when Tammy attacked Meeka Claxton last season I didn’t see Jennifer so worried about young women watching the show.

  4. Vanessa says:

    Shaunie, Shaunie it’s a wrap time-out show’s over last season. That bitch Jennifer done lost her damn mind, yes fame has killed her, that doll baby’s brain is up in the clouds. Evelyn this is our que to go, even watching Royce doing what she did was painful to watch. Maybe it’s best for Braylon to go live with his dad until Royce figures everything out. We don’t even want to watch the episode following this because Eve is crying we know she’s hurt for Nia and everyone else in this situation. Wooow, who would have thought that a statement like that would’ve come out of jennifer’s mouth? Wooooow, I guess what’s inside of you has to eventually come out. Enough of the negative now on to the positive.

    Evelyn, almost every female celebrity has their own fragrance and when it’s your turn guess what we suggest to name it ‘Bitch…..Beautiful individual who makes everything Hell’ (dying with the laughter). Oh Ocho, you just know how to makes us all laugh even when we’re sad or angry. Eve he’s definitely a keeper, this soldier can handle it so I guess we’ll switch the name of that perfume to lick me all over (laughs).

  5. Vanessa says:

    Oh I almost forgot, Happy Birthday Miss Tami Roman we wish you all the best and many more wonderful birthdays. Now I guess we have something to celebrate until next Tuesday. That’s right because we won’t be watching Monday’s episode because Eve’s crying and we know why because we all felt that low blow too. Eve when’s the Reunion is it on the 23rd April? I guess you and Shaunie can use this opportunity to take Tami for a girl’s night out. Sistah Tami, guess wich two songs we choose for this your B-day? It’s #1 Tina Turner’s I don’t want to fight no more’ how ironic but I think you’ll love that choice and #2 is ‘Umbrella’ from the one and only Rhinnna. Once gain happy birthday babe and we’ll have fun just for you and it’s election fever in my country and colour red is on the move. So come on Eve let’s have a ball!!!

  6. Cyndy Dixon says:

    Ladies should conduct themselves as ladies– and wild animals should be kept in cages….JAIL!! Until they learn how to conduct themselves around humans. Keep representing real “ladies” Jenn!!

  7. Lilly says:

    Unbelievable that people are supporting Evelyn in her violent behavior and that out of nowhere pit bull Nia.

    Jen only made that statement AFTER NIA HIT HER.. So, how is that soooooo terrible. She hit her back verbally as a grown woman instead of scrapping on the floor like an immature ignorant foaming mouth (like Evelyn).

    smh.. I am done with this show.. Shaunie tries to act like she is so innocent and shocked that Jen’s lawyer sent the letter, YET the same reason she sent it was evident on the show. Shaunie encourages the fights for ratings for more $$, and one of these days, someone is going to be seriously hurt from either a thrown bottle or hitting their head on a floor from being tackled.


  8. colette says:

    ummm…are you crazy?

  9. colette says:

    This is true and it was certainly worst than that little smack Jenn received from Nia!

  10. Mimi Sanks says:

    Evelyn, you say after Jenn was slapped in the face she was disrespectful….or you kidding me… slept with Tami husband and called her a non-mutha f’ing factor….and if someone slaps you what comes out your mouth afterwards is justified!

  11. Snatcher says:

    Evelyn, why are you mad at Jen for telling the truth. She tried to warn you in the beginning but you wouldn’t listen. Moving so fast, and trying to act like you got it all together. Now, he’s showing the world that he really is a media whore. You are the only one looking real stupid. He told you on national tv he was cheating on you. You mad at yourself! Stop taking it out on Jen. Calm down and please take ownership for the choices you make. PS your face is big.

  12. Brenda says:

    Didn’t see the episode but applaud Jen all the way around. I’m glad she’s taking legal action as well as the high rode. Those other two, SAD INDEED!

  13. Mooga says:

    Jennifer is just trying to be Relevant to cover up how utterly boring she is without being in Evelyns shadow. Evelyn made her relevant Point blank period. She is nothing but a follower. You did care when Meeka got hit????

  14. Vanessa says:

    Ummmm guys, guys, I think Evelyn is in London today (dying with the laughter).

  15. Jackee says:

    Shaunie as the the show producer is only looking for ratings and money. Shaunie is not innocent in this either. The question she asked Jennifer regarding the lawsuit should have been discussed behind closed doors. Shaunie started that fight between Jennifer and Nia. First, I don’t see what why Nia show up in the first place, she is not a Basketball wife. Shaunie knew that by bringing Nia and asking Jennifer the legal question would start a fight. Shaunie you are unprofessional. Evelyn, you should if act like a grown woman and kept your comment to yourself. Whatever Jennifer said the Nia about the 2 bedroom apartment was addressed to Nia not you Evelyn. But yet Evelyn you once slept with Tami’s husband so you have no business talking about the comment Jennifer made to Nia. Nobody deserves to be beating on whether someone said or done something to someone. All of you need to GROW UP. Nia, you say you are a christian so act like one, Jesus was not violent.


    Her name is Haiya Rodriguez and according to our sources, she has been having an affair with Ocho since Super Bowl Weekend. And she may have actually been in the picture almost as long as Evelyn.

    The story is that Chad and Haiya, who is “professionally” known as Cuban Luxury, met via Twitter in mid-2010. Unfortunately, despite all of their attempts to organize some kind of sexcapade, they weren’t able to be in the same city at the same time until Superbowl 2011. Chad had flown into Dallas a few days before Evelyn and was trying to get Haiya, who lives in Dallas, to come visit him. She protested because of the crazy icy weather, saying she didn’t want to risk driving her car in those conditions.

    The day Evelyn’s arrival in Dallas that weekend, Chad allegedly sent his NFL-provided chauffeur to pick Haiya up, took her shopping, took her to lunch and checked in with her at the Hotel Joule. Despite the fact that he hadn’t paid for anything other than lunch that day, Haiya spent the night and was ushered out of the hotel as Evelyn was arriving the next morning.

    Our source says Haiya didn’t hear much from Chad for the rest of the weekend, until she threatened to stop speaking to him if he didn’t cough up some cash. (We’re sure he was much more concerned about her running her mouth than her being out of his life.) On Super Bowl Sunday, Chad supposedly finally gave in, having Haiya pick up some money from the valet of their hotel while he and Evelyn watched the game from their room.

    Two weeks later, while Evelyn was sharing the super romantic surprise she got from Ocho for Valentine’s Day, Haiya was enjoying her own gift from him: $2000. According to our source, the relationship between Haiya and Chad never stopped and he is still flying her in to various cities for sex and sending her money when possible.

    Of course, this not the first time an alleged Ochocinco sidepiece has popped up since his “relationship” with Evelyn started. Do you think their reconcilitation is going to make him change his dirty dog ways? Not even his marriage, hehe.

  17. Tell it says:

    You sound like you can be nasty looking Nia, Evelyns slave. Nia needs to go away with her thinning edges, F#sked up wigs, yellow azz teeth and that bumpy azz skin .Nia is a bum and looks like she has full blown Aids…. Evelyn teeth looks like 32 bars of soap in her mouth. Evelyn is a gold digging hoe, looking like her father Mango all in the face. Eve needs to get her mom out the Projects in the Bx. Evelyn looks like a man and Nia is plain and simply busted….

  18. Tell it says:

    @Vannessa…. You sound dumb as hell, Kinda like nasty looking Nia with her bumpy skin, thinnig hair and yellow azz teeth. Like your owner Evelyn and person you want to be would say “You are not down with her life style” so stop trying to be down, your just a side kick till Evelyn gets tired of you…. Nia is plain and simply busted !

  19. sars says:

    it’s “so terrible” because the insult isn’t personal to nia alone. it’s the same reason you don’t make a racist remark to someone that hits you. the comment was classist. the show that is making jennifer williams a name was seen from no less than hundreds of thousands of apartments this week, has been for years now.

    however, i believe winning can only be accomplished with the right WORDS. when someone wrongs me, i want to win verbally. if the issue isn’t physical with which to begin, it won’t be “won” physically. jennifer appears the winner no matter what for having been right in separating herself from all that. evenlyn looked so stupid jumping from that table! my god, the woman has an adult daughter now! i second the suggestion she should grow up- fast.

  20. mdixon says:

    I fault Shaunie for this mess.If she had told Evelyn the hoe not to come to her events unless she could control her childish behavior instead Shaunie laughs and makes jokes about her hoodrat antics. Shaunie is bout her $$ She could care less how stupid the other women look Bc the next day she’s gonna take her slimey self out of the mess. I see y SHak got rid of her two faced sneaky but

  21. Vanessa says:

    April 25th, 2102 @5:35a.m. Evelyn and I has agreed that we’re actually happy that you have emerged and wants you to tell us more (smiles). Please come again and give youself a name even if it’s a fake one (wink).

  22. Mai says:

    Evelyn, you are a fraud, crocodile tears because Jen called Nia a bum b%#$, really? since when do you Evelyn fight according to a rule book and which one is it? When your secret exposing you as a whore came out, exactly what did you call Tami? if i remember correctly, you called her a non mutha Effing factor, Where were the rules of engagement then? you look like an animal, trying to fight everyone that doesn’t bow to you. i watch anxiously awaiting the day someone kicks your stupid bully azz or until your numero 85 breaks your damn heart.
    you are a disgrace to womanhood.

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