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Evelyn Lozada Backpedals On Open Relationship With Chad Ochocinco

Evelyn Lozada has issued a response to the outcry of her fans who believed she agreed to an open relationship with fiance Chad Ochocinco. The Basketball Wives star wrapped shooting for season 4 but not before fans caught a glimpse of her addressing cheating allegations on the part of Chad. From the clip shown it appeared that Evelyn was willing to accept that things happen so long as Chad was honest enough to tell her. In turned out that wasn’t the case – at least after the backlash.

“We don’t have an open relationship,” she said. “What I was saying in that conversation is that until you live my lifestyle in my circle you don’t really understand what goes on. I’m going to honor my marriage ‘til death, but who’s to say what’s going to happen 20 years from now. I don’t know that. There are so many things thrown at the both of us. How do I know? I’m human. How do I know one day I’m not going to f_ck up? I’m not perfect, and we live this lifestyle and things get thrown at you all the time, and I’m not going into the marriage thinking we’re just going to be perfect. That was the whole point of that.”

I’m sure we’ll see more questionable interaction during the duo’s upcoming reality show ‘Chad & Ev’. Do you buy Evelyn’s new explanation? Either way the soon to be Mrs. Johnson was busy enjoying some beach time with her nieces in Miami as she flaunted her toned body in a lingerie inspired bikini…and shared the pics on her blog.

See more pictures of Evelyn Lozada below:

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