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Basketball Wives' Evelyn Lozada Admits Regret Over Kenya Bell Attack

If you watched Basketball Wives on Monday night you weren’t exactly surprised by the events that unfolded. Newcomer Kenya Bell found herself in a pickle for calling Evelyn Lozada “loose” – and not to her face. When judgement day came, a very calm Kenya couldn’t remember her exact words. The vein protruding from Evelyn’s forward nearly popped and so did several bottles of champagne! Following the show Evelyn took to her blog;

“For me, it honestly wasn’t about the loose comment; it was the fact that Kenya was judging, being negative and talking shit. She doesn’t know anything about me, however, she came on the show smiling in my face trying to be my friend, and all the while she was doing her little round table with other cast members and referring to me as being “loose”.  That’s fake right?  Tami, Suzie and I were so confused when we tried to get to the bottom of what Kenya really said and it’s sickening that she can’t keep up with her own fucking lies.  And what is even more sickening is the fact that Kenya was trying to channel Jennifer and Tami.  She gave up the kitten heels for Louboutins and turned the leaning wig in for a curly weave.  Let me stop, because at dinner, she actually looked more like someone’s Auntie.”

In Evelyn’s world slamming someone over their music, attire, hair and makeup isn’t “judging, being negative and talking shit” – it’s keeping it “real.”

Before ending her blog the soon-to-be Mrs. Chad Ochocinco expressed regret for her vile attack,

“On a serious note, things went a little far and I could have handled the situation differently. I may feel a certain way about Kenya, but I know that I shouldn’t have thrown that bottle.  I could have seriously injured her or one of my cast mates.  I own up to what I did and admit my anger did get the best of me.”

Soon they will have to ban alcohol off the sets of Basketball Wives!

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0 thoughts on “Basketball Wives' Evelyn Lozada Admits Regret Over Kenya Bell Attack

  1. Jesse says:

    i think evelyn is very pretty but her attitude is be kind of mean sometimes. i can wait for evelyn lozada wedding. I know it will be great!

  2. vanessa says:

    Here comes the bride, here comes the bride (dyinging with the laughter) I guess Ev this is extra funny to us because we know this fact along with that 2.5 makes the haters extra angry. When they introduce Kenya at the reunion Eve just lean to the side (laughing) and when Jen comes out make the face especially the lips action (dying with the laughter). Evelyn, you are very good at mocking these people and we must admit we have fun watching you do it and it’s wrong. Lord I repent (laughing), Oh Eve your ass should consider taking acting classes.

  3. vanessa says:

    Dang, Eve we didn’t know that you could shoot pools like that and it looks like you are very good, girl you look so intense and focus. Have you ever tried it on the pool table (winks, laughs) guess what?

  4. vanessa says:

    Antoine Walker lives on less than $25K who cares what the hell has that got to do with Evelyn? maybe he wouldn’t have to if he had married her. Evelyn is such a great hustler and a huge entrepreneural spirit but it’s to late he decided to let her go and now she’s getting married to Mr. Johnson. On this note please stop nagging this woman about this man’s (Walker) status he has made his choice to let her go and now she has a new life. Besides, how come there was no mention of all this during season one (1) of the show? Except only now when Evelyn’s a bit more famous, has more money, a successful brand, about to be married to a great guy who loves and adores her and it’s at this time that you guys choose to announce all this shit, ummmmm that’s strange, we wonder.

  5. vanessa says:

    Mrs. Lozada-Johnson for the cover of your new novel I choose photo/cover number one (1). I love the pose and facial expression, the colour scheme, the out-fit/shoe, hair and make-up. Wooooooow Ev, who would have thought that this would be you on the cover of an interesting/juicy novel series. I can’t wait to receive my copy!!

  6. vanessa says:

    Dang Ev I was just on your website trying to win that damn $500.00 basket. I’m not sure if my info went through though, some mail chimp subscription came up. I was probably the first individual to place an order for Inner Circle on January 2nd, 2012.

  7. vanessa says:

    Eve your neices are with you, oh we want to see them. Post a pick, Eve one of them has lucious lips and cheeks just like you when you were little. Eve you have to put work down for a little while and give them a great time. Oh we wish we could hug and kiss them too, Eve make sure to let them know how much their auntie loves them and will always be there for them. Eve ar you having their dresses cutom made for the wedding? On that note, Eve what are you wearing? Is it Vera Wang or let’s make this one a surprise.

  8. Yvette says:

    I am becoming increasingly disturbed by Evelyn’s behavior. This isn’t the way a GROWN MIDDLED AGED WOMAN should be expressing herself. These frequent attacks that are self-incited is very sad and low-class. The other parties (Jen & Kenya) were still sitting and behaving properly (like ladies) in a public place. Which doesn’t explain why Evelyn feels the need to continuously raise her voice and hair like an Alley-Cat ??? This has lower the shows standards to that of trash TV.

  9. LaGenie says:

    Ev is pretty, pretty sick to think she has the right to put her hands on someone. Think about it Ev because it could be you in a relationship where your man wants to do more than bust you in the face or throw a wine bottle. Nobody is worth you going to jail for or looking like an ass in front of your friends and family. I understand about keeping it real and also understand your regrets, but do you understand that you can’t even put your hands on your own child like what you are trying to do to your co-stars on Basketball Wives? You know you are in the state the has that stand your grounds law where someone might want to pop one in you for picking up a bottle in an attempt to do them in. Would they be justified? Zimmerman seems to think he was in the right for shooting Trayvon Marking and so far the law is backing him up. Trayvon Martin didn’t have anything but skittles and tea and no one is sure he actually hit Zimmerman. A young boy is lying dead because of Florida’s laws of the right to stand your grounds. You could be the next victim because of your foolish acts of violence. I think Chad can do much better unless he wants an abusive girlfriend. What will you do if you find out he’s not keeping it real? I see you pick your battles wisely. You and Tammy are friends now because she got into your ass. Pick on someone that isn’t afraid of you and keep it real. I’d like to see you step in the ring of Bully Beat Down and see someone show you how it feels to be hit and put the fear of God in you. If I wasn’t so old I’d love to take you on. I like people that keep it real but Ev you have a lot to learn on that subject. Keep it real and pick on someone that is willing to fight your bad ass. From a Cincinnati woman that keeps it real.

  10. Anna says:

    Eve you are a good person you think everything is about you you cannot whip the world you make your self look real GHETTO GHETTO GHETTO who ever got you playing those scenes should make you HUMBLE sometime like it are not don,t care

  11. giggle says:

    Evelyn sounds like she has issues, not to say that everyone else doesnt but seriously if that bottle did hit tami or shawnie it sound like you would of gotten ya ass whooped.

  12. baby blue says:

    Evelyn is weak, nonimportant and dependent upon the company of others. Without the presence of her lil friends evelyn would be nothing. She has to have others around her to make her think she is a bad bitch when in all reality she is weak. She says kenya is trying to impersonate jen and tammy but she is the one trying to be tammie’s twin because she has tried to change her attitude to fit tammi’s. You say you are happy and your life is good but if that’s true and you claim jen and kenya is unimportant then move on with your more than perfect life and quit constantly making them important by continuisly having something to say when you’re not on their minds at all. Jen is trying to do big shit and you’re still stuck on the small shit and just mad cause she is finally standing up for herself and taking control of her own life. Grow up evelyn for gods sake and find something more important to do with yourself.

  13. Gwen White says:

    These women are pathetic. To start all the DRAMA with one girl when she was actually trying to be nice. Suzy started all the trouble and she is a drunken lush. Tammi is really the CRAZY one she is lucky she is on that show because she would get checked hard in the real world. How dare she talk about someone’s hair and just a couple season she had the wackest weave ever and then that bob cut wig was even worse. That glam squad looked like pookies first cousin with the weave to match. Hey Tammi if you are so good at helping people become stars ah! What happen to your daughters. (Your 15 min of fame is almost up). Kesha and Royce what major videos have you all produced or performed in. what makes you guys such experts. Certainly not that 3 day a week dance team at the stadium my daughters will out dance you guys anytime, any where. Jennifer you can barely form a sentence, but your weave and contacts are cute. I actually think that you are sweet evelyn, but you have been tainted by life. Don’t allow this to happen. and Shaunie you are the Only one with real CLASS. All of these ladies should be ashamed of their behavior as old as they are. They are OLD, BITTER and MISERABLE and its time to get real wives that have respect and class.

  14. Wishful Thinking says:

    Please don’t make Shaunie out to be a peace maker.She causes just as much trouble behind everybody’s back as all the others. She has two faces. Please dont’t make her think she isn’t guilty of causing trouble.
    Suzy is just out and out stupid. She is PATHETIC. Tami and Evelyn are nothing but BULLIES. Someone should kick their Behinds. They are always talking about slapping someone in the face. I would love to see Evelyn,Tammi and Shaunie get what they dish out to others.Again- Please don’t let shaunie fool you. She’s no better than anyone else on that show. AND to be honest about things,these are not BASKETBALL WIVES.Some of these women never made it to the altar and I can see why!!!!
    You all are trouble making B……!

  15. ALISHA says:


  16. Rosa says:

    Evelyn is trash, plain and simple. No class! She will always be a bottom feeder.

  17. Val says:

    Evelyn and Tami are old low down ghetto hood rats, that don’t have anything going for themselves. As for Shaunie, she is messy just like the rest, and I wish she would take some of those millions and have her flaring nose fixed. Susie needs to take out those dentures and do something with her grill because it looks a hot az mess.

    Ms. Jen do your thing, ignore your jealous envious cast mates. Evelyn wants to go off on Jen’s contacts calling her fake, well what about her fake breast implants????? Evelyn is about as really as a phony $2 dollar bill.

    Tami has alot of nerves talking about someone’s style with that wack due she had in the 2nd season sporting a fanny pack, who does that. Tami looked a how az mess when she first joined the cast. She looked like a BUM B****!!!!

  18. taciana says:

    ALL THESE BITCHES ARE GETTIN PIMPED BY VH1! SEX AND VIOLENCE SELLS. ONLY SHAME THING IS IT ALSO INVOLVES A LOT OF HYPOCRISY. These women are really showing their ass’. AND WHERE I COME FROM…GROWN WOMEN WITH KIDS DON’T GET INVOLVED IN PHYSICAL CONFRONTATIONS BECAUSE OF WORDS GETTING THROWN BACK AND FOURTH. Tammi=hood rat. Evelyn=hottttt mess. Suzie=ass kisser forgot that she was kicked out of the inner circle! In previous seasons. Royce=stay away from them bitches. Shaunie=created a monster with this show! Cali cast=stay off of t.v. Jennifer=u have too much class for them. Keisha& kenya= make money elsewhere! T.v. Making black women look like super trash

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