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Will Smith, Halle Berry, Taylor Lautner Slimed At 'Kid's Choice Awards'

At the 25th annual Kids’ Choice Awards, host Will Smith promised a record amount of slime.

“No one is safe from the slime!” screamed Smith. “You have to earn the slime! It’s an honor.”

Halle Berry was the first to be baptized in the green gunk, but she would be joined by several others before the show was over. Twilight star Taylor Lautner, who won favorite “buttkicker”, was dumped on, as well as Glee star Chris Colfer. By the show’s end, Will Smith and singer Justin Bieber were left soaking wet from fountains of  mucky green slime pouring all over the stage.

Michele Obama was not spared either… well kind of. The First Lady was splattered by a few stray drops of green goop as collateral damage from the volume used to drown Smith and Bieber.

Around 20 awards were presented at the KCAs, which is often the most-watched children’s program of the year. They draw a number of stars looking to show their appreciation to their youngest fans.

Some of Hollywood honorees included: Twilight star Kristen Stewart (favorite movie actress), Selena Gomez (favorite TV actress and female singer), Adam Sandler (favorite movie actor), and Katy Perry for Smurf (favorite voice in an animated movie).



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