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Ben Affleck To Play In Film 'Nathan Decker'

Ben Affleck is set to star in Nathan Decker, a political comedy that’s being produce by Warner Brothers.

The company acquired the script by Dan Fogelman last year with Tom Cruise semi-attached as the lead actor. The Mission Impossible actor has since dropped off the project and that’s when Warner Bros. asked Ben Affleck to stepped in as his replacement.

The story is based on a promiscuous politician who is caught tangled in an affair. After he’s outed, the character’s career takes a downward spiral nosedive, which leads to him to ultimate embarrassment and ridicule. The politician later returns to his hometown to stand up to his past.

Experienced actor/director Affleck won’t have anything to do with directing the film, however. Warner Bros. is currently searching for someone else head the film.

The actor has recently worked with Warner Bros. on another project. He is currently in postproduction on the company’s thriller Argo.

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