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Basketball Wives' Tami Roman Recovering From Heart Attack: Fans React

Tami Roman‘s rep released a statement stating the Basketball Wives star was admitted to Cedar-Sinai Medical Center for a medical emergency in Los Angeles. It turned out Tami suffered a mild heart attack. The reality TV star confirmed the news and thanked her well wishers on Twitter Tuesday morning,

“Thx 2every1 for the get well wishes. Never thought I’d have a mild heart attack at 41. God has a way of bringing things into perspective. Finally going home 2my kids-heart meds and all”

The shocking news has caused a split in fan reactions from those who send well wishes to others who focused more on Tami’s anger issues.

Here are some reactions from around the blog world:

lONDON: Its all that anger she has been holding, its eating away at her heart! when she really learns how to handle situations as an adult her heart and life will heal.

obama 2012 insisted Tami’s lifestyle had a direct influence: It’s a no brainer, that her temper caused the heart attack and the fact she smokes cigarettes doesn’t help.. I hope she gets well and continue anger management, cause those girls need their mama..

Others had more sympathy as they wished her well.

Pretty1908: get well and get the drama out of your life

Amanda: I hope she’s okay. it really gives me a different perspective on how I handle my own anger..not cool

PRAYING FOR U TAMI CALM DOWN DONT LET THEM WITCHES GET YOU DOWN: praying for u and i truly love me some u and all u stand for GOD BLESS AND ANNOINT YOU

When reader decided to call out others who focused too heavily on Tami’s lifestyle given the circumstances,

Stephany: Sad that people on here are so mean and vindictive! What if that was your mother, sister, or aunt! Have some form of sympathy. If you don’t like her why are you reading about her having a heart attack. Don’t waste your time because I am sure she’s not wasting it thinking about all the people NOT wishing her a full recovery! Really get a life!

In reference to the other basketball wives who haven’t made any public statements about the incident, Shaunie O’Neal took time to respond to a fan who inquired why no one has tweeted about Tami’s incident, “no need to tweet at times like this when you can call/text.”

Stress and eating habits certainly do play a part in our overall well being. We hope Tami gets well soon!


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