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Does Basketball Wives Lower Your IQ And Turn Our Children Into Whores?

Tionna Smalls, of “What Chili Wants”, has been advising women, for years now, on how to deal with relationships. Her personal experience and superior knowledge of this area is what led VH1 to hire Tionna on as a relationship expert assisting r&b singer Chili with her quest to find a mate. Although the show has ended, Tionna’s desire to give women guidance on how to deal with men, has not. The 27-year-old is an author of two books, “Girl Get Your Mind Right”, and “Men Love Abuse”, which both aim to enlighten women about the need for independence. In a second sit-down of a two part interview with Vibe Vixen, Tionna speaks on why women should never cry in front of men, the importance of saving money, and how Basketball Wives is turning children into whores.

Check out a few excerpts below:

What is it that you think black women are doing wrong?

Giving up too much for love. Women give up too much of themselves for love. We give up our c**chie, our mouth, our past, at times we give up our bread, and it’s gotta change.

With the younger girls, there is an issue of wanting to “claim” a man so quickly.

Ugh, girls are claiming everything these days. Very possessive these young girls are. Personally, I don’t want a young girl to be claimed. If you are 18 and under, you are too young to be claimed.

You’ve mentioned previously that crying in front of your man is a huge no-no, but why?

Take you’re a** in the shower and cry. You can’t be showing emotions to your man. You can’t cry in front of these people like that unless you maybe put in five or more years. But if it’s only been a few months, and you cry because he made you upset about something, he got you. It’s like playing cards, you don’t show your whole hand in spades. You showing your cards by crying, and he knows he got you.

Okay, let’s switch gears. I know you’ve heard about Chad and Ev’s situation.

I don’t watch Basketball Wives anymore for the simple fact that it lowers your IQ. I watched the show because my fans loved it and to watch with them, but I don’t like anyone on that show. Everyone [on the show] plays too tough. Staring at a bunch of weak b*tches all day? I don’t have time for that.

You want to be inspired by something.

Yes, it’s time! Shows like that are turning our children into whores. Like, I’m on a book signing tour right now, about to go back to school to be a therapist… I am doing stuff right now. I also study relationships outside of school, and I am finding that they are turning your kids in obsessive angry whores.

You seem to really be about uplifting young women and teaching them something. What specifically do you want them to learn?

Entrepreneurship, financial literacy and independence, especially financial literacy.

What do you think of Tionna’s criticism of Basketball Wives?


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0 thoughts on “Does Basketball Wives Lower Your IQ And Turn Our Children Into Whores?

  1. Brenda says:

    First of all, who in their right mind would even allow their daughter/daughters to watch such bafoonery coonery and secondly, these so called women represent ghetto, low income and project reject type women!

  2. nell says:

    Basketball Wives is purely for entertainment. As far as Ms. Chili’s comment, she is a hater. Could she be just a tad-bit jealous because her show was a flop? In my opinion Chili acts just as snobbie as Jennifer (BBW), and based off of what I saw on her show I wouldn’t want my children to watch her show either. What type of advice could she possibly give when she can’t even find a man of her own? She wasnt willing to bend at all, and in the real world in order for relationships to work you must meet each other half-way. BTW, BBW is not turning our daughters into WHORES, it is not the entertainers repossibility to raise our children it is the parents job. As the parents we should have taught our children that tv is just that..TV not real life…

  3. Clt says:

    She is right, I watched the first episode this season but won’t be back. They are not really friends and seem like they are jealous of and hate each other. Evelyn wants Jen to apologize because her fake fiancée is an attention whore. And Tami with her bum self got a stylist to fit in with mean, ugly Evelyn who still looks down on her. Royce is the only one who seems true to herself. Jen, Kenya, and Keisha should leave this group. Let Shaunie make fools out of the rest of them. Susie is still a lost cause.

  4. Corey says:

    That wasn’t Chilli that was talking, it was Tionna, the woman that was “helping” Chilli find a man. Also before you say anything, Tionna already has a man. BUT I do agree with you about responsibility displacement. It is the parent’s job.

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