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Beyonce Post Baby Body: Why The Conspiracy?

Beyonce Knowles’ post-baby body is looking as good and as toned prior to Blue Ivy Carter’s arrival two months ago sparking further questions about the legitimacy of Bey’s pregnancy.

The “Halo “ singer made her smoking body debut a month after bringing she and Jay-Z’s little girl home in a red snatched dress, but her outing in Manhattan yesterday had the blogosphere asking how did she get her pre-Blue Ivy body back so soon, enticing rumors (again) that a surrogate was used to actually carry the Carter’s child.

The infamous folding baby bump that has been played notoriously doesn’t help the fast dwindling weight loss, but Bey isn’t the first celebrity mom to get back in pre-mom clothes in a couple months. Victoria’s Secret models are notorious for whipping back into shape; remember Heidi Klum’s fast transformation? What about Victoria Beckham’s flatten tummy weeks later? Can’t recall anyone questioning their pregnancies.

But is two months really considered too soon when reportedly she has a live-in trainer who trains her twice a day?

The “Love On Top” singer entered a building in New York sporting floral spring, high-wasted pants, yellow pumps, hoop earrings, and a glow yesterday. But the kicker was the belt around her cinched waist. Two months after giving birth and Bey’s mid-section is cinched enough to bring focus to it with a belt.

If she has a trainer, it’s not that far of a stretch to consider she has a chef who prepares appropriate meals to cater to her workout/diet plan, right?

Earlier this week the singer revealed her first performance since her pregnancy where she will be part of the unveiling for the Revel Resorts over Memorial Day weekend in Atlantic City.

So, a live-in trainer, a possible chef, and a career to get back to pay for the luxuries she obviously enjoys, why is there still talk about faking a pregnancy?

While the video clip of the folding baby bump obviously shows something folding. Do you think it was used to misrepresent how far along she was or a pregnancy altogether? Beyonce’s baby appears happy and healthy so maybe with time these rumors will die out.


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0 thoughts on “Beyonce Post Baby Body: Why The Conspiracy?

  1. oh ok says:

    And it matters because Beyonce is never seen smoking weed. Or changing boyfriends the way one would change panties. Or incessantly lip syncing during what suppose to be LIVE performs. Or sleeping with married men. Or having babies by married men. Or dating her back up dancer. Or marrying her back up dancer. Or being fat and out of shape. Or being mean to others. Or getting beat up going back, leaving, then going back to her abuser. Or having immature twitter battles with fans. Or responding to criticism. Or jumping on bandwagons in music for easy hits (please see LMAO). Or pretending her music is better than everyone else.

    All of this means she thinks she’s better than everybody and so we must expose her to the world by any lie necessary.

    If women would eat less exercise stop opening their legs for every Tom Dick and Harry and stop being so lazy…. they wouldn’t have to go on scavenger hunts to prove the popular cheerleader in school is unworthy of the admiration she receives from her peers.

    I’m jus sayin’

  2. oh ok says:

    Performs = performances

  3. lo says:

    I have friends if real life who after giving birth doesn’t look like they even had a baby 2 months ago. Some women really lose their baby weight fast. She really did not gain a lot of weight. I think people need to give her break and find something better to talk write about. I just clipped to see her latest fashion.

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