Basketball Wives Turned Kesha Nichols Into The Victim Says Tami Roman

VH1 Basketball Wives has an agenda – to get more viewers at any cost. No surprises there. It’s victims are all the willing participants. In this case Tami Roman has a bone to pick with the producers for making her appear to be the angry black woman and newcomer Kesha Nichols as the victim.

“Watching this episode made it official… it’s my turn to play the angry black woman,” wrote Tami on her blog on Tuesday.

Roman took time to address each cast mate including Jennifer and Evelyn’s beef which she apparently sides with Evelyn. Going back to her dinner conversation with Kesha with a line we’re sure to see popping up on a shirt soon, ‘b*tch, b*tch and more b*tch’. Tami chucks it up to her “reactions.”

“That little meeting in the country store – again the main crux of my beef with Kesha was edited out. In that moment Kesha said she would’ve went off on me, but she didn’t want to embarrass me. I see where this show is going and I have to take the good with the bad. Kesha will be the “edited” version of a victim and I will be made to look like the angry Black woman or the bully. It is what it is because I accept full responsibility for my REACTIONS. Other than that, NO words, speechless…I can’t…”

Still taking the dig lightly Tami spoke directly to Basketball Wives producers,

“PS- Shed and the editors, whatever Kesha is paying you, I’ll double it just so the viewers can get the truth. I can’t wait to see how you screw me over with the Tahiti footage.”

It’s no surprise that Tami appears to be more of a bully due to edits but was that really a hard task?

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