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Basketball Wives Turned Kesha Nichols Into The Victim Says Tami Roman

VH1 Basketball Wives has an agenda – to get more viewers at any cost. No surprises there. It’s victims are all the willing participants. In this case Tami Roman has a bone to pick with the producers for making her appear to be the angry black woman and newcomer Kesha Nichols as the victim.

“Watching this episode made it official… it’s my turn to play the angry black woman,” wrote Tami on her blog on Tuesday.

Roman took time to address each cast mate including Jennifer and Evelyn’s beef which she apparently sides with Evelyn. Going back to her dinner conversation with Kesha with a line we’re sure to see popping up on a shirt soon, ‘b*tch, b*tch and more b*tch’. Tami chucks it up to her “reactions.”

“That little meeting in the country store – again the main crux of my beef with Kesha was edited out. In that moment Kesha said she would’ve went off on me, but she didn’t want to embarrass me. I see where this show is going and I have to take the good with the bad. Kesha will be the “edited” version of a victim and I will be made to look like the angry Black woman or the bully. It is what it is because I accept full responsibility for my REACTIONS. Other than that, NO words, speechless…I can’t…”

Still taking the dig lightly Tami spoke directly to Basketball Wives producers,

“PS- Shed and the editors, whatever Kesha is paying you, I’ll double it just so the viewers can get the truth. I can’t wait to see how you screw me over with the Tahiti footage.”

It’s no surprise that Tami appears to be more of a bully due to edits but was that really a hard task?

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0 thoughts on “Basketball Wives Turned Kesha Nichols Into The Victim Says Tami Roman

  1. Someone says:

    First of all How can Tami pay the network any money when they are her only paycheck. And if you want to stop be pretrade like the angry black woman then stop acting like this. SHe is one of the characters from this fake azz show that I really cant stand. Tami you really need to get some head with your dumb acting azz

  2. Someone says:

    ^Head Work

  3. Dee says:

    Tami and Evelyn are so ghetto. They should wish they had half the class as Jennifer, Kesha and Royce has.

  4. vanessa says:

    Tami I Want that wide-neck t-shirt from you website that goes Bitch, Bitch and More Bitch. It should go well with a nice pair of fitted jeans, heels and Evelyn’s big 14K customized earrings. (Boom, laughs) Child please, say victim, victim my ass this missed bougie bitch came to get her hustle on to like everyone else. (double boom, laughs)

  5. vanessa says:

    Off subject, we have been watching the case of young Trayvon Martin and it amazes us to see how that racist fucking animal done murderd that woman precious child and justice has not yet been served. Oh mother we can’t imagine your pain to loose your child in this way and we are so angry we can shake the whole fucking earth that’s how angry we are. The animal that did this is not fit to live i.e. life for life. Well that’s what that stupid law implies too, ‘to stand your ground’. Didn’t the know-it-all jackass that came up with this law realised that the end result of passing such a law is lawlessness. Now if that amphibian that murderd this woman’s child in the slighest bit believes that this is going down like this child life doesn’t mean a thing he is in for a big, big surprise baby becasue this is 2012 not 1950 or 60. Even the entire police department in this state that wants to back out and keep their mouths closed when they all know what was done to this child was evil and wrong is in for a big, big surprise. Oh Mr. Obama, get your team and personally take this case bring swift justice the rest of the world is watching this and we are angry. I mean it seems as though nobody at the crime scene seem to even bother to investigate if the reprot that the amphibian gave is true which we have realisd by now is that the statement given is impossible and hence is all lies. Oh Lord take this case Father God, we can’t imagine the fear that seized this childs heart when he realised that this animal was about to take is life. Oh State of Florida swift justice has to come because this is a Life. He is a human being somebody’s child, she gave birth to him imagine her pain. He has a father imagine his brokeness and family and friends. Oh Mr. Obama this cas as we watch is not sitting well with us.

  6. vanessa says:

    Again on Martin’s case, the fact that a whole innocent human being life has been taken, yes innocent blood has been she and now it’s up for discussion and sign this petition and the next on and on and on is totally baffling to us. Oh mother, mother we grieve for and with you today because we realised your child was innocent. We want you to know that there is a God and he is faithful and just and we’ll keep you in our prayers. Woow, the end of times must be really near indeed God is coming soon Matthew chapter 24 is upon us and lawlessness is one of those signs.

  7. Patrick Keen says:

    It’s so funny how last season she blamed editing for making Meeka look like the victim when she was the one who threw the first punch, both verbally and physically. NOW, Tami wants to blame editing for making Kesha look victimized, when she was the one who told her she needs to have a white name since she looks white, and calling her a bitch when she know damn well she would have hit Kesha for calling her a bitch. She finds the Evelyn-Jeniffer beef to be entertaining, but claims to not be down with all the drama! Tami is just a ghetto bitch who will do anything to stay unbroke, including starting fights! Hate to admit that i’m watching this show…her and evelyn are embarrasing (don’t exclude Shaunie either!)

  8. Lisa says:

    WOWWW I was a big fan of the show and of evelyn …after last episode I will no longer watch …ok so Keisha spoke bout Tami behind her back EVERYBODY TALKS BIG DEAL …I was embarrassed for these so called grow women close to their forties picking on Keishaw AND YES SHE IS THE VICTIM THAT’S WATT THESE WACK ASS WOMAN DO PIKE A TARGET AND PUT THEM THRU SHIT . THEY SHOULD CANCEL THIS SHOW ITS TURNED INTO UGLINESS…. TAMI U ARE A BULLY PIKE ON SOMEBODY THAT FIGHTS BACK THAT’S KEEPING IT 100 AND U KNOW IT …. the girl was coughing who r u to say she can’t u try to hold it in …at least she got in water with sharks Tamil evelyn and shameful shaunie punk assess didn’t get in lolollol fools u let the world see how low u have sunk get A REAL JOB ur just embarrassing yourselves 15 YEAR OLDS DON’T EVEN DO THIS ANYMORE….BULLYING IS A HATE CRIME BEFITTING TO THREE OF THE DUMEST HATERS….I SAY teach these old as bullies a lesson NOBODY WATCH SHOW LET RATINGS GO DOWN FORCING THREE NOBODAYS TO REALLY KEEP IT REAL 100 ..LOLOL EVELYNN GOT PLAYED CHAD WANTS OTHER WOMAN IN UR BED AND HE TOLD ALL OF THE WORLD MAKING U LOOK SAD LOLOLLOL..EVENTUALLY PEOPLE WILL STOP WATCHING I GUARANTEE ITS NOT ENTERTAINING ANYMORE ITS SAD AND DISGUSTING BEHAVIOR NOT FUN ANYMORE…

  9. Sue says:

    I was completely discussed after watching that last show! Tami is nothing but a bully. I can’t stand her and won’t watch the show anymore. I can’t even believe that those other women just sit quietly and let her abuse whomever she wants. Shame on them! That woman better take a good long look at herself. She’s a nut job and needs to be put in her place. Obviously she isn’t getting the help she is supposedly getting. The doctor is probably afraid of that _itch too! Get her off that show immediately, or it’s going to go under fast!…….So glad I came across this website so I could vent about that person!

  10. tami, I remember a young woman in her early 20's, she was a mean spirited bi..h then and here we are almost 20 yrs. later and nothing has changed.( pity ) How can you chose to side with the WHORE!, that slept with your husband and a lot of others along the way. On her hunt for a rich one.

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