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Big Busted? Give Your Boobs The Nicki Minaj, Sofia Vergara Treatment

Spring is officially here despite the delightful weather we’ve had weeks prior mimicking it. Besides stinging insects and longer days, the equinox ushers in swaying backsides in the most coveted item of the season—springtime dresses. This drop-top weather with a hint of warm air is a precursor for women having their backs out and boobs up.

I’m all for springy dresses, especially in this season’s ambrosial color blocked hues complementing sexy, pencil-thin heels or wedges up-to-there contemplating a somersault. While personal taste can prolong the “what’s appropriate” dialogue for this flower blooming weather, we all can agree that the wrong bra can flop a look quicker than rain showers to a fresh ‘do.

We’ve seen Kim Kardashian in her fit-like-a-glove strapless dresses and wondered if she had two fairies holding up her goods underneath. Nicki Minaj has suffered a nip slip in the past but has managed to keep her bosoms under control since then. And La La Anthony’s bosom aren’t ever lop-sided, sagging, or unified (the worse), so what gives? Oh, we cannot leave out Sofia Vergara. The woman, who was once asked by her publicist to get a breast reduction, lives in strapless gowns and her recent lingerie cover for Esquire was complete boob fabulousness!

These following pointers will give you the La La treatment and can literally be the difference between whispers and compliments:

Get professionally fitted: Enough with guessing your bra size. Schedule a professional fitting. No, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been wearing a particular size for years; women’s bodies can change from year to year. Department stores as Nordstrom provide free fittings. I would opt for a large department store since their range would include bras for bustier women.

Spend the extra money: Let’s face it; some items can’t take the cheap route. Brassieres for busty women are one of them! Well architected bras designed to give real support are expensive. No way around it, spend the extra dollars.

Know what your boobs can handle: You’re properly fitted and have located a bra in your size, be honest about what dress is appropriate for your body type. If you have to give yourself that tilted head look, leave it at the store. A confident choice is an immediate buy.

Tricks of the trade: Save the extra for a later time, pick a simple, basic fabric without lace or frills. Support is the main factor and you don’t want to spoil your chances with unflattering bumps due to undergarment. Longline bras (think instant lift) should be a staple. These lifesavers smooth your midsection and give you extra support. Wire bras are not necessary for lift, but preference can override here. Molded cups provide you with an illusion of the perfect set while providing separation. Light foam can offer frontal coverage without a bulky look. If you fluctuate in weight, get your bra (after all it is expensive) professionally altered along the straps (not cups). Go for full coverage. It’s senseless to cater to any other bra type when your cups aren’t completing surrounding your boob. Don’t get caught up in the “sexy” hype. Having the best undergarment that fits eloquently is the best sexy there is.

Here’s to meeting spring with better boobs!

By Deidre White


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