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Basketball Wives Episode 5: Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Battle it Out

The drama has slowly but surely been escalating in each episode on this season of Basketball Wives. This week the girls took a trip back to the location where all the chaos began, Miami. But first, Royce Reed and Suzie made a quick pit stop in North Carolina to visit new cast member Kesha Nichols on the farm where she grew up.

During this mini-vacation, Kesha took the time out to update Royce on her new unwanted beef with Tami Roman, who referred to her as a “b*tch, b*tch, and more b*tch.” Royce promised Kesha she would speak to Tami about it, and she made sure to keep her word. When meeting up with Tami in Miami, she addressed the issue, while trying to convince Tami to drop the beef altogether. Tami refused, saying “Royce has this epiphany about Kesha because she went to her house and visited her family and that she doesn’t know the black side of her family and so all that has made her so compassionate towards Kesha. I’m saying girl, we all have issues, don’t nobody give a f— about me, so I don’t give a damn about Kesha in this moment.”

It doesn’t seem as if Tami’s anger management classes have kicked in just yet. Suzie did put it to the test was during Shaunie Oneal’s birthday dinner that all of the girls, except Royce and Kesha, attended. When attempting to show love to Shaunie, Suzie yelled out “Shaunie, our bank accounts thank you! Right Tami? Off of food stamps!” It wasn’t clear what was more shocking, Suzie making that comment, or the fact that Tami didn’t instantly pounce on her. She did of course have a few choice words for Suzie, but thankfully didn’t act on what was really going through her mind, “I instantly thought, how long would it take for me to shimmy down this table and choke the f— out of her?” Tami said.

One would think that this was a big enough issue for one party right? Not hardly. The real drama didn’t start until Evelyn Lozada stood to give a toast to Shaunie, and took some obvious subliminal shots at Jennifer Williams who sat at the end of the table. Jennifer stood up to give a toast as well, and Evelyn who was growing more drunk by the minute, decided she had something else to say. “I want to toast to loyalty…to not talking s— about your mother f—ing friends on blogs…And let’s sum it up with being loyal to your friends,” This of course was followed by bickering between the two, mostly coming from Evelyn, who yelled out “You ain’t about this life!”, and hit Jennifer in the head with her clutch as she headed out the door with the birthday girl. I think it’s safe to say that this friendship is officially over.


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