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From Beyonce To Adele: Tips On Achieving The Perfect Red Lip

Ever looked in the mirror and thought, meh? Tried the one side to the next profile glances, still no excitement?

Not that having-a-bad-hair-day moment or in-need-of-few extra hours of sleep, but the thought of looking drab even at your supposed peak.

Happened to me not long ago.

So, I, a professed nude lippy, took an unimaginable leap; I went looking for a red lipstick.

Seeing British singing sensation Adele in her signature cherry puckers screams sophistication while actress Tracee Ellis Ross makes her rosy lips seem effortless gave me a silent nudge to try the look. Beyonce Knowles recently recharged what could have been pegged a boring mom look while out with Blue Ivy just by adding a pop of crimson to her otherwise pale face and—worked it.

But my full lip inspiration came from a distant memory of Toni Childs of Girlfriends. The sassy, selfish girlfriend always perfectly wore the correct shade for her skin tone and the color never escaped the outline of her lip (a once-personal fear) which could have been disastrous.

Four trips to the store and two returns later, I found the perfect antidote.

To eliminate possible frustration, here are a few tips to achieve the right ruby lip for your skin tone and how to efficiently apply without looking like a Joan Crawford stunt double in Mommy Dearest.

Jill Marie Jones AKA Ms. Toni Childs

Work with your tone: There are two basic categories for red lipsticks, cool and warm. Cool are blue-based shades (such as cranberry or wine) and flatter women with pink, rosier skin tones. Warm are orange-based shades (such as brick red) and works best for women whose skin has golden, peach, or tan tones. Once your category is assessed, the possibilities are limitless! How do you know? Basically trial and error, but many stores allow refunds, ask before purchasing.

Healthy lips provide better results: Everything is magnified with a bolder color, so smooth lips are not optional. Exfoliate to rid lips of dead skin and to prevent discoloration. SPF your lips when you sunblock your face and moisturize to prevent further drying or flakiness. A raggedy red lip can be spotted from across the room.

Stay in your lane: Precision can be the difference between clownish and classy. If you don’t have the time to apply correctly, skip the rouge lip altogether! But if you’re invested, line your natural lip line in a neutral color. Trying to find the exact color as your lip color may be difficult, so neutral works. A lip brush is highly recommended to slowly build and for controlling the color.

Know your color status: Even with finding the right color for your tone, trust me there are about 30 more that will work. Experiment. Why? A red for an evening lounge outing is not fitting for Sunday brunch after early morning church service.

Be red appropriate: Bold lips are loners. There’s no need to crowd them with overly rosy cheeks or heavy eye makeup. The competition is unnecessary and a potential beautiful look goes into a different territory. But do pair with bold clothing options. A red lip with a turquoise and purple color blocking fit, for instance, would be fab. Have fun with different colors especially this season, bold colors are all the rage.

These five tips can be a great beginning to a red lip love story. The weather is warming up, calling for more appearances by the sun and a face full of makeup won’t be advantageous. Go for a revved up mini-makeover with a red lip look, you won’t regret.

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By Deidre White


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