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Gabriel Aubry Fears Halle Berry Wants Fiance Olivier To Adopt Nahla

Gabriel Aubry concludes that months of alarming bad press pitched against him from his ex Halle Berry has been part of a purposeful, elaborate plot—to make him look bad enough to lose his child, according to RadarOnline. Aubry fears the actress is hankering towards her fiance, actor Olivier Martinez, adopting his little girl, Nahla.

“It all makes sense now, the allegations of mistreatment and abuse, the slurs against Gabe in the press,” said a source.

This child custody fracas is becoming a made-for-tv movie by the minute. Crazy!

Though the “Monster’s Ball” actress had a failed attempt weeks ago to get Aubry’s paternal rights stripped, the little tot’s father resolves that Halle’s next move is to get her soon-to-be husband the lead way to adopt.

‘It’s not happening though. Gabe will fight tooth and nail to retain custody of Nahla.’

Halle replaced her longtime lawyer Neil Hersch after that botched paternal stripping attempt for legal heavy heavyweight Stephen Kolodny hoping to gain better leverage with moving their almost four-year-old tot permanently to France.

Gabriel is frantically against the move!

“Just because Halle is through with him doesn’t mean she can shut him out of her daughter’s life too. Gabe may not have Halle’s money or power but he will not just lie down and take it.”

At this point, Aubry is even considering suing the multi-million dollar actress if she continues with the onslaught of attacks and claims akin to the abuse allegations.

“It’s been pretty nasty so far, but it’s going to get a LOT nastier!”

“Gabriel is ready to fight and if Halle wants to fight dirty then as far as he is concerned she can bring it on. He will match her punch for punch, slur for slur. His relationship with his daughter is at stake and he will do ANYTHING to protect that.”

Whatever happened to calling a truce for the sake of the child?

But if Aubry should need a witness on his behalf, Child Protective Service has released a glowing report where his fatherly duties are concerned after Halle-induced claims triggered an investigation.

The Los Angeles Department of Children & Family Services described Aubry as a “loving and attentive father.”

“Gabe’s lawyers have now had the time to read the entire report that DCFS prepared and gave to the judge in dependency court last week. The report could not have been more glowing. It was noted that he is a very loving and attentive father.”


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