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Nicki Minaj Covers Allure; Jessica Biel Covers W Magazine 2012

Nicki Minaj Readies For Jay’z’s Throne

Nicki Minaj masquerades in yet another Minaj’d concoction of over sized, colorful wigs with dramatic makeup concluding an undefined look as she covers Allure’s April 2012 issue.

In the issue, the self-proclaimed 29-year-old Harajuku doll give up deets on appealing to little 8-year-olds to dethroning arguably the biggest rapper-mogul in the game right now, Jay-Z.

Here are some notable quotes from the mag’s interview:

On appealing to little girls: I think as far as the younger demo is concerned, I play dress-up. I also can put on a very cartoonish voice. So sometimes children may not know what I’m saying, but they like the sound of it, and they think I sound like some weird character.”

On dethroning Jay-Z: “I never thought about music as just being the end-all, be-all. I always looked at it like a business, something that I could create an empire out of. So that’s why I’m only about to put out my second album and I’m already thinking about this. I had a little conversation with Jay-Z at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. He said, ‘Congratulations on all your success.’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, I’m coming for you. I’m coming for your spot, Mr. Mogul.’”

On body image: “I’m naturally petite, but I definitely struggle with keeping those extra pounds off. And I hate working out. I can’t stand being on a treadmill. That mentally irks me. When I need to lose a few, I just cut out sugar and starch.”

You can catch the entire interview when the April issue hits newsstands March 20.

Jessica Biel Wows In Steamy Swimsuit For W magazine

Jessica Biel, 30, is flashing something besides her blinding, gorgeous engagement ring this week. The gorgeous actress is giving us fierce shots throughout her spread for W Magazine as she graces the cover in an almost-see-something, white, one-piece.

The soon-to-be Mrs. Justin Timberlake, according to reports, talks about her rebellious past (who knew?)to growing tired of her athletic build. (Say what?)

Here’s some of the interview with W:

She chopped off her gorgeous locks in her late teens: “I cut my hair super short and dyed it blonde. I had to apologize to Aaron Spelling [the producer] for doing that. He wasn’t happy. When I turned 17 or 18, a really obnoxious friend sent a stripper to the set. I had to apologize for that too. The show was all about family values, and they took that position seriously. I was always apologizing.”

She’s over her athletic build: “I think I need to destroy my reputation. This whole I’m outdoorsy, I’m really healthy–it’s too squeaky-clean [laughs]. That’s going to be my new thing: Go dark and unhealthy. It’s time to be very, very bad.”

Her girl-on-girl battle in “Total Recall”: “[Its was] fun – so fun! Our fight scene isn’t overtly sexy: just two trained fighters who happen to be women kicking the shit out of each other.”

“It could be two dudes, but we just happened to have long hair and boobs and…other things [laughs]…Kate and I usually fight men in movies, and when you knock into a man, he doesn’t care.”

“But every two seconds, Kate and I were saying, “I’m so sorry–are you okay?” We were both so nervous about fighting another woman. Which is strange, because I have no problem fighting with a guy.”

The real treat is in her smoking hot frames check out more pictures from both cover stories below:

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