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Jennifer Lopez Flaunts Toned Bikini Body With Casper Smart

Jennifer Lopez visited Brazil for the first time in February during carnival late last month with her boyfriend Casper Smart but new pictures just surfaced of the sexy couple aboard a yacht with other friends.

In Rio de Janeiro, JLo is seen showing off her toned figure in a yellow bikini, her beau Casper not to be outdone went shirtless.

The pics surface just at the American Idol judge premiered her multi-lingual talent competition with ex-husband Marc Anthony this past Saturday.

“Q’Viva! The Chosen” is the first bilingual competition series to be broadcast on a major network. The 12-part series follows the estranged couple as they travel through 21 countries in Latin and South America in search of new talent, and naturally much of the conversation is in Spanish.

J. Lo is not concerned about the program finding its audience, “I think it’ll do fine. People are used to seeing different languages on TV. And I think when shows are good, they transcend language. And I think this one is good.”

See more pictures of Casper Smart and Jennifer Lopez below:

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