Tami Roman Instigates Basketball Wives Drama With Kesha Nichols

Tami Roman who’s stated her anger issues are under control has taken on the role as a strong arming mediator. The ladies of Basketball Wives boarded a flight to Tahiti – it’s unknown if all the cast were on the vacation. Either way, things went downhill when Tami decided newcomer Kesha Nichols was talking behind the backs of the other girls and something had to be done about it.

Over dinner Kesha and Tami had a heated argument that resulted in the former storming out and inadvertently leaving her purse behind. Newly reformed Tami decided she would keep Kesha’s purse to force her hand into a conversation whenever she decides to retrieve her purse. Rightfully, Nichols involved hotel security who proceeded to take the necessary steps to involve local police. According to TMZ, VH1 produces stepped in and convinced Tami to return the purse.

If this in any way reminds you of the incident in Rome with Meeka Claxton and further confirms that Tami hasn’t changed much – you’re absolutely right.

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