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Star Jones Supports 'Basketball Wives' Boycott With Wendy Williams

Could Basketball Wives become the new Kardashians? As season four of the popular VH1 reality TV show rolls on Star Jones has chimed in with her take on the show. During a sit down with Wendy Williams to promote her new book ‘Satan Sisters’ and her heart foundation Jones had this to say,

“For you as an African American professional woman, to use your platform to advance a matter of how black woman should interact with another black women on television — it’s major what you are doing, just even asking me about this topic.”

Wendy had previously voiced her decision to boycott upon viewing the super trailer to witness amongst other things Evelyn Lozada marching across the table at a restaurant with the intent to do bodily harm to Jennifer Williams and throwing a wine bottle towards another cast mate in another scene. Williams has called the show “embarrassing”. Cookie Johnson called it “sad”.

Jones added,

“I think other women, we have to recognize… Is this how you want to go out ? Do you really want the world to see this as a representation of who you are and who your sisters are ? I don’t. So I would never be a part of that.”

“I don’t like to see women fighting, particularly black women fighting,” said Williams. “I used to love Basketball Wives, I really did. We don’t have a lot of us in high places. They called Michelle Obama an angry black woman so we haven’t overcome that much as black women.”

Again, much like the Kardashians, despite the public’s disdain viewership continues to soar with Basketball Wives garnering a record breaking 3.7 million viewers.

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