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Chris Brown Triggers New Legal Problems With Phone Snatching Incident

Chris Brown continuously keeps the thrashing of bad press coming his way and this time it’s for allegedly snatching a fan’s cell Phone on Sunday.

The “Turn Up The Music” singer, who recently went through a barrage of hyper-opinions and counterattacks for jumping on a remix with ex-girlfriend pop-star Rihanna, is now being watched closely by the Los Angeles District Attorney who prosecuted him for the 2009 assault of the “Birthday Cake” singer.

According to Christal Shanae Spann, Brown snatched, in essence stole, her iPhone when she followed Breezy to his black Bentley and snapped a picture of the “Forever” singer.

“B****, you ain’t going to put that on no website,” Brown allegedly said per Spann’s police report.

Chris and rapper Tyga were leaving Cameo nightclub when the fan tried to catch a photo op of the performer, but according to Shanae, Chris not only snatched her phone but called her an expletive, and drove off with her phone.

Brown, who asked for a shortened probation and was denied earlier this month, could actually have his five-year probation provoked altogether and thrown in jail upwards of four years for the thieving incident.

Though the L.A. District Attorney’s Office is aware of this episode, they are awaiting further guidance from the L.A. County Probation Department to recommend what the next course of action should be, if any, for the 23-year-old.

“He has not been arrested [or charged]. The state attorney’s office is really handling most of this,” Miami Beach Police Department public information officer Deborah Doty told US WEEKLY. “We completed the investigation and turned it over to the state attorney’s office. They will do an investigation and the state attorney will decide if there will be a warrant issued or not.”

So, what is Chris saying about the alleged charges?

“The Grammy award winning singer is telling close friends and associates that he has done nothing wrong, and is hopeful that a decision not to prosecute him could be made as early as Friday,” according to

Brown is allowing his attorney Mark Geragos to handle the incident with the Florida State’s Attorney Office (Florida is where the purported stealing episode took place) and word on whether charges will be filed against the performer can come as early as today (Friday).

“Chris wouldn’t need to be convicted in the Miami case to cause problems with his probation, just charged,” revealed the source. “The conditions of his felony probation are very, very strict. Chris must obey all laws and not be arrested for any other crimes. This could be a huge nightmare for his probation if he is arrested and charged.”

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