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Rihanna And Chris Brown’s Remixes: What’s The Real Message?

By now, we all know that Chris Brown and Rihanna have hopped on each other’s songs for remixes— Brown’s techo-influenced “Turn Up The Music” and Rihanna’s sexually charged “Birthday Cake.”

What we don’t know is why these two in particular would choose one another for their respective remixes. Hunting for media attention is essentially senseless, unless we reconsider the type of attention being sought.

So, what gives?

Could the duo’s smashups be a not-so-silent strumming of fingers, perhaps the middle one, in the face of naysayers?

You know how the Twitterverse goes into overdrive when Rih and Chris tweet any remote message to one another. And we are still reeling from Brown’s Grammy performance backlash.

Regardless if you think Rihanna shouldn’t forgive Chris or if Chris shouldn’t be able to ever perform in life, maybe these twenty-something year olds are just utterly sick of hearing opinions on their lives? And what way could they both say shush it without directly offending the people—fans—they wish would continue to buy their music (including these new singles)?

It’s clever if nothing else.

I don’t know if the once lovebirds are together now or if they plan to get together, but what seems to be clear is they intend to move forward.

What are twenty-something’s? They are inimitable forces to be reckoned with when rebellious if nothing else. Top that with millions in the bank and various accolades sustaining these post-teen exaggerated egos who have yet to understand the coping mechanisms metrology of fame, money, and youth. It’s a combination we have seen go awry many times.

So, they threw sexually charged verses in to move further away from the real angle. You see, if people began to yammer on the provocative and titillating lyrics (and they are), that would usher the conversation towards are they together or not, hence shifting from “if” they are together from “should” they be together.

I think the constant and unfair prodding about their relationship, past and/or present, has resurrected a rebellious play on both of their behalves that will worsen if they aren’t allowed the opportunity to deal with the ugliness of their past without the constant Twitter blurbs and ongoing chastisement.

By Deidre White

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