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Basketball Wives: Tami Roman Picks Evelyn Lozada In Jennifer Beef

Basketball Wives season four premiered last evening and the drama kicked into high gear between former BFF’s Jennifer Williams and Evelyn Lozada. Surprisingly Tami Roman took on the role as peacemaker as she successfully placed the two bickering women in the same room together. The results were less than positive with Evelyn affirming she wants nothing more to do with Jenn. During a recent interview with Cherry on Top, Tami who has had her own share of drama with Lozada , opened up about where she thinks the problem lies.

When it comes to Jennifer and Evelyn, what’s it been like watching their friendship fall apart the way it has?

TR: From my standpoint, I always looked at them and said, “How are they best friends?” Because I didn’t really feel a lot of friendship love. Like I know my diehard friends, we don’t function in the way they function, so I can’t say that I’m very surprised. I always felt that there was a little tension towards Evelyn from Jennifer. I didn’t really know what it was, couldn’t put my finger on it, but now that this thing is starting to unfold before my eyes, just as it will for everyone else, I’m seeing what those underlying tensions were, and they’re all going to be brought to the forefront this season.

What you just said about feeling “tension” from Jennifer towards Evelyn is similar to something Evelyn said in a recent interview about there always being something weird or off about her friendship with Jennifer.

TR: Yeah, I have to tell you on the outside looking in, I definitely noticed it. I always saw Evelyn trying to always be there for Jennifer, but I never saw that really reciprocated. And so, however, okay, well that’s their friendship, that’s the way it works for them, but for me looking at the friendship, something just didn’t really seem right. Now I’m coming to understand what it really was.

Do you think there is a little jealousy there on Jennifer’s part?

TR: I’m not going to say it was jealousy because I think that people will come to their own conclusions as to what they feel it is as the show unfolds. But, and I don’t have any beef with Jennifer, and I don’t have any beef with Evelyn. I’m just basically an outside party that just felt like their relationship wasn’t what I would consider to be a real true, unconditional friendship.

Tami also stated she sympathized with Evelyn because she’s casted as a bully for simply speaking her mind. Did you watch Basketball Wives season 4, episode 1 last evening? If so, what do you think of Jennifer and Evelyn’s beef?

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