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Rihanna's Raunchy Birthday Cake Single Promises Shocking Feature

Rihanna will celebrate her 24th birthday on February 20th but that didn’t stop the ‘Man Down’ singer from celebrating early. On Sunday night Rihanna was joined by BFF Katy Perry, Bruno Mars and others at a Caribbean themed party at the Hearst Mansion. RiRi was presented with a raunchy birthday cake with a scantily clad red haired women straddling what appears to a cigarette?? Coincidentally, Rihanna’s next single ‘Birthday Cake’ will debut next week from her album ‘Talk that Talk’.

Co-producer of the record, Da Internz, MTV about the single,

“We got the Rihanna [track] Birthday Cake coming out in a week. And the feature on there is gonna shock the world. All I’m gonna say is stay tuned – it’s dropping [this week].”

His production partner Tuo added: “The feature on there is gonna shock the world. It’s gonna be crazy”, The visual has to go with it because everybody’s going to be like, ‘Oh my god!'”

It didn’t take long for some like the UK Mirror to speculate Rihanna’s feature is Chris Brown. With lyrics like “I know you wanna bite this/ It’s so enticing… Nothing else like this, I’m a make you my b*tch/ And it’s not even my birthday / But you wanna put your name on it,” Rihanna will undoubtedly continue her spree of sparking controversy.

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