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Chris Brown Draws Criticism In Grammy Return; Adele Garners Cheers

UPDATE-Chris Brown‘s return to the Grammys may have solidified his comeback but it didn’t come without an onslaught of post criticism while Adele’s return after throat surgery got her a standing ovation.

Brown returned to the Grammys after a three-year hiatus amid his much-publicized assault and arrest on then-girlfriend pop-star Rihanna.

According to the NY Daily News, Ken Ehrlich, executive producer of the Grammys said. “I was kind of rooting for him. I know how controversial he is, was, and still is and if anyone has reason to be questionable about Chris, it was on our show three years ago all that happened.   “I just believe people deserve a second chance. The year he had this year, really brought him back into the public. He really deserved a second chance.”

Ehrlich may find himself eating those kind words if Rita Smith, the executive director of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, has her way. She released a statement saying,

“If an awards show is going to highlight an artist, what an awesome message they could send if we got an update somehow about how that artist had changed in a positive way. Otherwise, the message becomes wait for a period of time and go on with business as usual.”

Brown took to the stage to perform his techno-induced number, “Turn Up The Music” from his forthcoming album with neon effects and theatrical dance moves with astronomical flips the only way the 22-year-old could. He also infused “Beautiful People” into the number which is from his highly acclaimed and now Grammy winning album “F.A.M.E.” (Forgiving All Mine Enemies). Chris took home the Grammy for Best R & B Album, a vastly coveted recognition. His high energy performance received a welcomed response from the crowd.

“People who make mistakes and learn from them are ROLE MODELS too. Im just happy to inspire growth and positivity, #TEAMBREEZYdidit” Brown tweeted after winning the award. Brown’s tweet stands in contradiction to some bizarre tweets from his fans captured by Buzzfeed.

“I’d let Chris Brown beat me up anytime 😉 #womanbeater” – What do you think of Chris Brown’s return to the Grammys?

Adele’s Triumphant Return

Adele’s return came after a medical recovery from her career-threatening throat surgery the singer underwent in October.

“Adele underwent vocal cord microsurgery by Dr. Steven Zeitels to stop recurrent vocal cord hemorrhage (bleeding) from a benign polyp. This condition is typically the result of unstable blood vessels in the vocal cord that can rupture,” according to a Massachusetts hospital representative.

The British beauty looked nervous, but nailed her heavy-rotated, now Grammy award winning hit single “Rolling In The Deep” and received a roaring standing ovation where she looked awed, yet thankful. Adele swept the award show winning Record of the year, Best Short Form Music Video, and Album of the Year making her the Grammy’s darling of the night.

The performance marked Adele’s first performance since her surgery where she was told to halt any singing and was even advised not to speak for some time as well.

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