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Naomi Watts To Play Princess Diana in 'Caught in Flight'

Ecosse Films has announced today that Naomi Watts will play the role of Princess Diana in the upcoming movie Caught in Flight. Based on the screenplay by Stephen Jeffreys, this film will be directed by Academy Award winning director Oliver Hirschbiegel.

Caught in Flight follows Princess Diana during the last two years of her life. The film documents the moments in her life where she found true happiness for the first time, and how it transformed her into a worldwide humanitarian.

In a press meeting, the J. Edgar Hoover actress and the producers of the movie had this to say:

Naomi Watts said: “It is such an honour to be able to play this iconic role – Princess Diana was loved across the world, and I look forward to rising to the challenge of playing her on screen.”

Ecosse Films’ Robert Bernstein stated: “It is very exciting to be working with one of our finest actresses, Naomi Watts, on what will be a powerful and poignant film. She will encompass the role beautifully.”

Oliver Hirschbiegel commented: “I am delighted to have such a truly exceptional actress who embodies the warmth, humanity and empathy of such a global icon as Princess Diana.”

The Oscar nominated actress was last seen in J. Edgar Hoover and Dream House. Next she will be starring in The Impossible opposite Ewan McGregor.

Production will begin later this year in the UK.


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